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Discussion in 'AutoCAD' started by Foureagles, Dec 8, 2004.

  1. Foureagles

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    Hey y'all (with an implied "wautch thee-us!):

    I just finished (or thought I did) an architectural project for a client, but they had problems with missing entities in the plot. Sho' nuff, when I brought the file back up, it acted just as they described, though it hadn't when I ran a check plot the day before.

    To wit:
    Certain entities are AWOL in both plot preview and actual ink plot, though they look just fine while editing. There seems no particular pattern to the loss, ie. some vectors of the same polyline are gone, random blocks don't make it, while identical others do, some whole layer sets are missing, while other layers give a wee peek at a few of their objects, etc.

    This is a tiny 700k 2-D model x-refed into an 8 tab 600k file with 30 viewports. The x-ref is on its own layer, which is set to plot. Color-dependant plotting, no wonky pen screening, all object properties bylayer. MAXACTVP is set to 64, INDEXCTL (both model & sheets) to 3. Changing these has no effect.

    We've tried the dadgum thing in 5 ACAD versions from 14-2002, on 5 different platforms with different versions of Windows, and everything from a fax to a high-end plotter, and nothing changes. If we bind the x-ref, a few more entities show up, and if we explode the resultant block, a few more appear. Never does it all get to ink unless we strip the viewports and send everything to model space.

    In browsing the web I've seen several instances of something similar occurring, with some of the fixes we've tried working in a maybe-maybe not manner, but no definitive answer to what the hey is going on. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

    Foureagles, Dec 8, 2004
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