Xerox 510 warning/rant: does not print to scale

Discussion in 'AutoCAD' started by CraigV\(fs\), Nov 9, 2004.

  1. CraigV\(fs\)

    CraigV\(fs\) Guest

    For those who are looking into purchasing/leasing a Xerox 510 (or similar
    model), please note that the fine print allows a hefty tolerance for

    Before I started at this firm, we entered into a lease fora Xerox 510
    printer (with scanner and server). We have been disappointed to learn that
    that all of the output is not "to scale". We've had a tech come out
    several times to "calibrate" the unit, but in the end they always fall back
    on their allowable tolerance.

    We have kept our older Oce around for scanning and printing stuff that we
    need "to scale", like when we sketch over site plans. That is too bad
    because we would rather only have to maintain one unit.

    Word to the wise...
    CraigV\(fs\), Nov 9, 2004
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  2. CraigV\(fs\)

    F. Gump Guest

    Did you use the calibrate feature in autocad's plot device properties?
    F. Gump, Nov 9, 2004
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  3. CraigV\(fs\)

    David K. Guest

    Which drivers are you using? We had problems plotting hybrid files to
    scale so we had to go back to the hp650c drivers instead of using the
    current 510 drivers. This was not the solution we wanted since it seemed
    like we were taking a step backwards but it solved the problem.
    I've checked files drawn at everything from 1:1 to 1:240 and everything
    plots out to scale but your scales might be different.
    So what is the Xerox allowable tolerance?
    David K., Nov 9, 2004
  4. CraigV\(fs\)

    CraigV\(fs\) Guest

    Thanks to both of you guys. I had not tried either solution- I figured
    Xerox's tech guy would do that...

    I'll start with the .PC3/.PMP callibration, first.
    CraigV\(fs\), Nov 11, 2004
  5. CraigV\(fs\)

    CraigV\(fs\) Guest

    Well, I'm not sure if .PC3 calibration is going to help me or not.

    The dimensions in the "X" dimensions (as the plotter paper comes out of the
    plotter) are OK.

    The dimensions in the "Y" dimensions vary + and -. Meaning, at the bottom
    of the sheet, I've got a dimension reading 50'-8", but scales as 50'-3"
    (smaller). Closet to the top of the sheet, I've got a dimension of 9'-10"
    that scales 9'-11" (larger). I'm not sure any amount of calibration can fix
    this kind of problem.

    I'll move on to the hp650c driver.
    CraigV\(fs\), Nov 12, 2004
  6. CraigV\(fs\)

    CraigV\(fs\) Guest

    Maybe I didn't explain that clearly. The dimensions are either too big, or
    too little in the Y direction. It isn't consistent or uniform.

    ..PC3 calibration only scales things uniformly in either the X or Y
    CraigV\(fs\), Nov 12, 2004
  7. CraigV\(fs\)

    CraigV\(fs\) Guest


    I have set up a .PC3 driver using HP's HP650c as David K. suggested. So
    far, that looks like it might work. The pen thickness are a little lighter
    (but the average layperson wouldn't notice...).

    I'll post an update next week after I'm all through.


    BTW- I've never found the Xerox allowable tolerance that the Xerox Techie
    CraigV\(fs\), Nov 12, 2004
  8. CraigV\(fs\)

    F. Gump Guest

    When I calibrate my printer thru that option it prints out a rectangle. I
    then measure the rectangle (both sides) and enter the actual printed
    dimensions in the next window. After that my printer is calibrated and all
    future rectangles come out as expected.
    Maybe you don't have that option?
    F. Gump, Nov 12, 2004
  9. CraigV\(fs\)

    Tom Berning Guest

    When you are checking the scale, is it right after the plot comes out of the
    plotter? I thought our plotter was doing something similar to what you
    explained, but after the paper was allowed to cool down, the scale is within
    their tolerance. I think their stated tolerance is about 1/16". I have been
    told that all these type large volume plotters(Oce, Xerox and Kip) will not
    be to exact scale as an inkjet plotter due to the paper being heated.
    Tom Berning, Nov 12, 2004
  10. CraigV\(fs\)

    CraigV\(fs\) Guest

    F.Gump: I do have the calibration option that prints the rectangle. After
    about 5 tries, the dimensions were dead-on.

    Tom: I really think it is an issue with the Xerox driver. I am getting
    much more accurate plots now with the HP650c driver. The Xerox drive was
    fairly accurate horizontally. But in the vertical dimension (the direction
    the paper feeds), it seemed like it was stretched in some places, and
    compressed in others. That is why the calibration (rectangle) thing didn't
    help. If I scaled it up, some areas got better, but the other areas got

    FWIW: I am going to keep trying the HP650c driver. At this point, it
    appears to be more accurate. The only negative I can see is that the plot
    (.dwg) filename isn't displayed on the printer control panel as it is being
    printed. Again, I'll post a final update when I get the office online with
    the new .PC3 driver.

    I want to thank everybody for their help. The information and help you get
    from these newsgroups is priceless.

    CraigV\(fs\), Nov 17, 2004
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