Xerox 510 Feature Upgrade

Discussion in 'AutoCAD' started by arch56739, Feb 15, 2004.

  1. arch56739

    arch56739 Guest

    Looking to buy a Xerox 51dp or Oce TDS 600.

    Has anyone had exprience with feature upgrade capabilities of the Xerox 510dp, specifically the speed upgrade ? Our concerns are:

    1. Can the 5D / min printer part handle the extra workload the 10D/min speed upgrade requires ?

    2. My experience with field upgrades is they are never as good as factory upgrades. Any experiences here ?

    3. Given the speed upgrade is about 35% of the price should we just get the 10D/min system in the first place ?

    Look forward to your comments

    arch56739, Feb 15, 2004
  2. arch56739

    patrick_aps Guest

    The only thing I can comment on is that our TDS600 is working perfecly for over 3 years now. If took a while to be configure but since then we hadn't had a problem. Scanning, Copy of old paper drawings, folding, use of 6 rolls, everything is working perfectly.
    Customers plot once to file, place it on a network drive or mail it. The operator submits the files to the oce with PrintExec LT to determine number of copies, folded or not and paper type.

    Using this "off line" method, the operatior can make sure that the really urgent copies are made first, by submitting them.
    The draftsmen are pleased that they DO have the control about the used pen settings etc., but don't have to worry about the machine and "all of its buttons and settings"
    This saves both a lot of time.
    patrick_aps, Feb 16, 2004
  3. arch56739

    Tom Berning Guest

    I don't have personal experience with the 510dp yet, but we went through the
    same process a couple months ago and had both Xerox and Oce come in to give
    us a presentation on the plotter. We decided on Xerox and our first 510dp
    will be installed next Tuesday.

    What Xerox said was the plotter you purchase is built for the maximum of
    everything they offer for the 510. It has everything inside it to increase
    the speed from 5Ds per minute to 10Ds per minute. We decided our standard
    machine will be 7Ds per minute. If we want to increase the speed to 10Ds per
    minute, the service technician has to switch the power cords and change an
    internal switch. There are actually two power supplies inside the machine.
    The 7Ds or lower uses the 110 power supply and the 10Ds uses the 220 power
    supply. Xerox said there were two of the feature key upgrades that required
    a service technician, the speed increase to 10Ds per minute and if you
    bought the system with less than 3 rolls and wanted to add another rolls,
    then they had it install another drawer for the additional roll. All the
    other feature keys are strickly a code that is entered to turn on the
    feature. This is one of the main reasons we went with Xerox beside that we
    have had 3 8830s that have had little trouble compared to the 5 Oces that
    have been major headaches.

    Something else you should look at is the service company in your area for
    each plotter. We have a very good one for Xerox that we have been using for
    5+ years. We have had some problems with specific service companies at some
    of our other locations.

    510dp, specifically the speed upgrade ? Our concerns are:
    upgrades. Any experiences here ?
    the 10D/min system in the first place ?
    Tom Berning, Feb 16, 2004
  4. arch56739

    pjsimpson Guest

    A friend now working in Astralia said they got the speed upgrade unlocked by the local Xerox reseller. Not sure from what speed to what speed they changed. He wasn't sure but he thinks the local guys generated the code to make the upgrade work. He said they weren't billed for it. Might be worth checking out what the current status is though
    pjsimpson, Feb 20, 2004
  5. arch56739

    Beatriz Guest

    We have to decide if we get a Xerox 510dp or an OCE TDS400.
    Do you have your 510 already installed? How is it working?
    Beatriz, Apr 7, 2004
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