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Discussion in 'Pro/Engineer & Creo Elements/Pro' started by bobp, Dec 2, 2009.

  1. bobp

    bobp Guest

    I just read a blurb on another discussion engine noting that the
    intent manager will be on by default in wf5 and will not be able to be
    turned off. Anyone know the real story about this? I don't use the
    intent manager for the most part and will have an issue with this.

    bobp, Dec 2, 2009
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  2. bobp

    albresco Guest

    It appears that you are right. Intent manager is on and cannot be turned
    off. You now have the option of controlling each constraint independently.
    The following is from the Wildfire 5.0 Help Centre:

    "Using Intent Manager
    Using the Intent Manager, you can dynamically dimension and constrain
    geometry as you sketch. The option to turn it off is no longer available."

    albresco, Dec 4, 2009
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  3. bobp

    Janes Guest

    I just read a blurb on another discussion engine noting that the
    intent manager will be on by default in wf5 and will not be able to be
    turned off. Anyone know the real story about this? I don't use the
    intent manager for the most part and will have an issue with this.

    Hey, good news, getting rid of the "choice" of using Intent Manager or not. Thanks, really, for bringing this up. I haven't run across such an anachronism in what, five years, maybe. Good to know you "paperboy" holdovers are still around. The last such I ran into retired from Caterpillar with HIS DRAFTING BOARD!!! Would NOT go digital, stuck to paper, kept at it, even after retirement, garage hobby stuff just to stay out of the way of the missus. Anything that needed to be revised that had his name on it, he got it. And usually with detrimental results. The toolmakers hated him. He'd create interferfences by changing a diminsion on the drawing without moving or checking the geometry. Apparently, he'd done this the entire time he'd worked for Caterpillar, so you can't just blame paper. But, honestly, paper made this kind of shortcut SO much easier. And the tools built into Pro/e to PREVENT this are so much more difficult, so much more deliberate and thoughtful, so much more painstaking than "turning off intent manager" that one wonders how such a person would ever, in this lifetime, learn the advanced techniques. Turning "OFF" intent manager buys you what exactly, besides being the slowest, least efficient, most frustrated guy on the block!?! I'm so far past it, maybe I'll never get it. Or, maybe someone else has a soft, comforting, sympathetic (pathetic!) shoulder to cry on. Mine just has a sign posted, says "GROW UP".

    David Janes
    Janes, Dec 5, 2009
  4. Don't just leave a commment like this hanging, do explain!
    Ken Poberezny, Dec 6, 2009
  5. bobp

    bobp Guest

    Thank you "Albresco" for your response. Apparently, I'm a dinosaur as
    I prefer to sketch, then apply the dimensions I prefer to use rather
    than accepting what the software generates. I keep sketches simple so
    I rarely have issues getting them to regenerate. It will take a bit of
    getting use to but I will manage. I've been using Pro/e since release
    6.0 and am very comfortable with the software. I have built many
    complex models of plastic parts with flowing lines and surfaces, among
    other things, and view my skills as "advanced".

    I use to view Mr. Janes with high regard as he has many posts that I
    agree with and have learned from. From his above post, it appears
    arrogance has gotten the best of him. Learning pro/e when I did, there
    weren't so many automatic features and one had to learn how to sketch
    in a way to obtain the desired shape.

    I will get used to the intent manager while still using wf4 in
    preparation for the next upgrade. I'm certain I will become less of a
    dinosaur in the process.

    bobp, Dec 21, 2009
  6. It's not that bad. It will tend to throw a lot at you at once, but in
    reality after some practice it helps speed the process rather than
    mangle. As well, dimensions are your choice - the weak dimensions and
    constraints that the system generates arbitrarily will disappear
    one-by-one as you add your dimensioning / constraining scheme.

    David Geesaman, Dec 21, 2009
  7. bobp

    bobp Guest

    Whoa....you are certainly reading a lot more into my question then I
    anticipated. You know nothing about me, but are very quick to make
    grandiose assumptions. You are apparently very knowledgeable about Pro/
    e and I give you much credit. Understanding the software to the degree
    you do is commendable, but the reality is....pro/e is a tool that
    greatly improves the completion of the work toward the end result.
    Your career path is most certainly on the cad side, where I work in a
    more global circumstance. That being the case, I'm more interested in
    getting the product to market than being a cad expert. My
    responsibilities include the cad side, along with implementation,
    product management, quality assurance, as well as sustaining
    engineering among other areas. I don't have time to pursue your cad
    skills as those tasks are just part of my world. Large companies can
    afford to employ "experts", whereas the rest of us must rely on folks
    that wear more hats.

    PURE, UNADULTERATED HORSE MANURE!!!! Thanks anyway and good luck with
    finally growing up where you can blessedly stop whining about every
    little change in the tool.
    I don't see any part of my post as an apology in any way...I asked a
    simple question about an upcoming version of the software and was
    portrayed as a dolt by someone who is either having a bad day or has
    become arrogant in his (now known) advanced years.

    Wildfire is a thousand times better than the UNIX based shit that went
    before. Time to finally celebrate that PTC got on board with a real
    windowed platform. (Now, if it could only multitask [work and print at
    the same time!?!?!?])
    As far as PTC getting on board with a real windowed platform, give me
    a break. Yes, wildfire is 1000 times better, but that is not a result
    of windowization. It is a result of strong competition from Solid
    Works. They were forced to make the strides they have and it is now a
    much better product at a much better price.

    As I am not interested in flaming back and forth with an arrogant cad
    jockey, I will not pleasure you with another response. You sir, may
    have the last word. But, "oh by the way",......FO!
    bobp, Dec 22, 2009
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