where is the basic get-started tutorial for cadence-RTL_compiler

Discussion in 'Cadence' started by samuel, Jan 6, 2006.

  1. samuel

    samuel Guest

    I want to learn how to use cadence-RTL_compiler-52 . And I have
    spent nearly half a day to find where to get started ,but failed.
    I think it is very bad user experience.
    For a EDA tool , usually I can find some basic tutorial materials
    (sourcecode&script&get started document),and a user guide in
    installation directory. However I havenot found those in RC's
    installation directory.
    There are many documents there , but who tell me where I can find
    the basic get-started tutorial.
    Thanks in advance!
    samuel, Jan 6, 2006
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  2. samuel

    eda_cadence Guest

    u can see all help and getting started in "cdsdoc"
    source ur tools path
    and type cdsdoc on terminal. u will find all getting help.
    sample scripts find in lab materials.
    rc is not having gui.
    so u must have very good exposure of tcl/perl scripting
    see u
    eda_cadence, Jan 9, 2006
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