What is the best GIS software??

Discussion in 'Microstation' started by AL-MARAGHI, Sep 20, 2004.


    AL-MARAGHI Guest

    Hi every body..

    We are preparing to move to GIS, because of that I would like to know
    which software is the best??
    somthing really feels the real GIS..
    not like the one which seems like kids drawing..

    Thanx in advance for every respond
    AL-MARAGHI, Sep 20, 2004

    CadGuy Guest

    The best GIS software is the one that everybody can easily use. Not
    much learning curve. If you have a little background in GIS then the
    product should be usuable immediately to you. Of course you tinker
    around a few days but you will eventually learn the basics alone.

    I want to say that ArcGis is the best but i got lost while still in
    the installation process.

    I want to say that Arcinfo is the best but i got lost while counting
    the money that i will need to purchase it. i did not have enough...

    I want to say AutoCad Map is the best but i had to learn CAD first in
    order to use the GIS part.

    I want to say Microstation Geographics is the best but i got lost
    trying to connect it to database...

    I want to say Mapinfo is the best but not one of my client was using

    I want to say Manifold is the best but it was too cheap ($245) and
    nothing that cheap could be that good...

    So I have to say that Microsoft Map Point is the best because
    Microsoft owns it. Usually Microsoft products eventually wins out
    because it has the staying power and ease of use. Whatever happened to
    other competitors - Wordperfect, Lotus, Approach, Netscape, Sun, Unix,
    Pascal, ? Only Oracle is left that still has a profit in its
    CadGuy, Sep 22, 2004

    AL-MARAGHI Guest

    Thanx a lot for your responding..

    I thought that ill get many replies, but I think that I post in wrong
    place (No one talks about anything not related to Microstation)..

    Any how thanx again for the details which you counted for me & I
    gained some information of..

    But I can I ask another question? or the same but in different way?

    I mean the best software in power & can do most if not every thing
    related to GIS, powerful, makes me feel that I am working on (real
    GIS) not some software which are good for some fast food restaurant or

    Thanx in advance for every reply & concern..
    AL-MARAGHI, Sep 22, 2004

    Lorys Guest

    MapInfo is very powerfull and relativley cheap and easy to use with a
    little training.
    GeoMedia (Intergraph )much more powerfull but way more expensive but if
    your a novice to any gis you'll need training.
    Lorys, Sep 23, 2004

    cadguy33 Guest


    Good morning!
    In all the years that I have been in the GIS business, I have learned
    that there is no 1 GIS software to answer all my needs. Let me give you
    an example:
    1. Arcview 3.x - nice layout maps but very difficult to edit elements.
    Forget about topology creation & editing. You will have to rely on
    freeware created by other users.
    2. Microstation Geographics - good in editing but cannot handle files >
    32MB (Pre V8). stable but can get quite slow for large files.
    3. Mapinfo - poor in topology editing & creation
    4. AutoCAD Map - fast in topology procedure but slow in map layout for
    large maps.

    usually, we do all digitising & topology checking in Microstation >
    Export to Shp > Database manipulation in Access >Plot to Inkjet Plotter
    using Arcview
    cadguy33, Sep 28, 2004

    GIS_Manager Guest

    Sometimes the most powerful software are just that. "Good" I mean.
    Whether for restaurants or demonstrations...
    I know of a company once that bought ArcInfo (the whole package +
    maintenance...) because someone told them that it was the "most
    powerful" GIS software Around...well it is still there....hanging
    Around some PC that no one was using. They eventually used only the
    Arcview module...everything thing else was done in other software
    packages that their people already knew how to use.
    Power usually means people actually using it.
    GIS_Manager, Sep 29, 2004
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