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Discussion in 'AutoCAD' started by spencer1971, Jul 2, 2004.

  1. spencer1971

    spencer1971 Guest

    I have posted below a bit of code that is part of a pdf creation lsp that automatically makes a pdf with the dwgname and a rev attribute from the titleblock as its filename.

    I have got it working by adding the delay befopre the renaming happens to allow for the pdf to be created but it is a bit hit and miss depending on the speed of the machine it is run on.

    Any suggestions on a better way, I have tried to wait for the file to be recognised using various doslib commands but I think the file is there as soon as the pdfcreator starts to make it, but it is still open so the lisp just crashes... Sorry if this is a bit confusing (and long) for a friday afternoon but i think ive run out of ideas..

    (defun c:pdf-rev ( / newfile tabname dname dname1 dpref pdfoldname pdfnewname )
    (setq oldtile (getvar "tilemode"))
    (setvar "tilemode" 0)
    (command "plot" "y" "" "PDFcreator" "A3" "m" "l" "n" "e" "1:2" "c" "y" "a3.ctb" "y" "n" "n" "n" "n" "n" "y")
    (dos_waitcursor T)
    (setq tabname (getvar "ctab"))
    (setq dname (getvar "dwgname"))
    (setq dname1 (substr dname 1 (- (strlen dname) 4)))
    (setq dpref (strcat "C:/My Documents/PLOTFILES/"))
    (setq pfdoldname (strcat dpref dname1 " " tabname " (1)" ".pdf"))
    (setq pdfnewname (strcat dpref dname1 "_" newfile ".pdf"))
    (command "delay" 8000)
    (dos_delete pdfnewname)
    (dos_rename pfdoldname pdfnewname)
    spencer1971, Jul 2, 2004
  2. spencer1971

    ECCAD Guest

    You might want to try replacing the:
    (command "delay" 8000)
    (while (not (findfile ".....")))
    or some such.
    ECCAD, Jul 2, 2004
  3. spencer1971

    BillZ Guest

    Why not just name the file to what you want when you plot it?

    Or am I way off here.

    BillZ, Jul 2, 2004
  4. spencer1971

    spencer1971 Guest

    I have already tried that Bob but I think the file exists as soon as the creator starts so the lisp tries to change the name as its being created. , I believe there is a way to check if a file is read-only, this may work, do you know the command for checking this (its something ive seen on this NG but have searched to no avail)
    spencer1971, Jul 5, 2004
  5. spencer1971

    ECCAD Guest

    I seem to remember you can check the attrib's of a file by
    using DOSLib..

    (dos_attrib [filespec [bits]])
    The desired file or files. filespec can contain wildcard characters ("*" and "?"). If filespec is not supplied, it is assumed to be *.*.

    A bit-coded integer identifying the desired file attributes to set. Specify more than one file attribute by adding the following bit values:






    An association list containing the filenames and the attribute bits if successful.

    nil on error.

    Command: (dos_attrib "c:\\program files\\autocad 2002\\*.dwg")

    (("Drawing1.dwg" . 8) ("Drawing2.dwg" . 8))

    -------- from the help file..

    ECCAD, Jul 5, 2004
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