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Discussion in 'Cadence' started by sinan, Sep 25, 2007.

  1. sinan

    sinan Guest

    I am using virtuoso to capture, and spectreS to simulate a circuit ,
    but circuit does not behave much like my hand calculations, I
    inspected netlist file and it seems strange

    i pasted some part below, the thing is for example .MODEL commands
    indicates the tox=5.8E-9 but below this parameter block there is a
    second block(commented line) which I was not expecting says
    tox=7.6E-9 ,(not only tox differs all parameters differ ) I only used
    virtuoso and did not edit the SPICE netlist

    what s that, I am simulating with nominal parameters, what does this
    supposed to mean? I am accustomed to Mentor Graphics guy and i did not
    exactly understand situation, any assistance will be appreciated

    ..MODEL d25N NMOS ( LEVEL=11 VERSION=3.1 TNOM=27 TOX=5.8E-9 XJ=1E-7
    +NCH=2.3549E17 VTH0=0.4308936 K1=0.3519429 K2=0.0298493 K3=1E-3
    +W0=1E-5 NLX=1.465901E-7 DVT0W=0 DVT1W=0 DVT2W=0 DVT0=0.0183405
    +DVT1=4.897584E-3 DVT2=-2.52658000E-02 U0=455.3033362 UA=5.223592E-10
    +UB=1.104713E-18 UC=3.287888E-11 VSAT=1.050993E5 A0=1.2318623
    +B0=6.67749E-8 B1=5E-6 KETA=8.518046E-4 A1=0 A2=1 RDSW=+0.00000000E
    +PRWB=-1.00000000E-03 WR=1 WINT=2.126497E-9 LINT=4.393474E-9 XL=3E-8
    +DWG=-3.40903300E-09 DWB=2.794842E-9 VOFF=-1.02605400E-01
    +CIT=0 CDSC=1.527511E-3 CDSCD=0 CDSCB=0 ETA0=3.48737E-3
    +DSUB=3.045473E-3 PCLM=1.0446257 PDIBLC1=0.1441952
    +PDIBLCB=-2.81675600E-05 DROUT=0.4698725 PSCBE1=1.761109E10
    +PVAG=0.0361824 DELTA=0.01 MOBMOD=1 PRT=0 UTE=-1.50000000E+00
    +KT1=-1.10000000E-01 KT1L=0 KT2=0.022 UA1=4.31E-9 UB1=-7.61000000E-18
    +UC1=-5.60000000E-11 AT=3.3E4 WL=0 WLN=1 WW=0 WWN=1 WWL=0 LL=0 LLN=1
    LW=0 LWN=1
    +LWL=0 CAPMOD=2 CGDO=6.27E-10 CGSO=6.27E-10 CGBO=0 CJ=1.918655E-3
    +MJ=0.4721729 CJSW=4.441595E-10 PBSW=0.9419636 MJSW=0.2871118
    +PRDSW=-6.18357222E+01 PK2=-3.14072400E-03 WKETA=7.512693E-4
    +LKETA=-6.14406200E+09 )

    *NOM=27 &
    *TOX=7.6E-9 &
    *XJ=1.5E-7 &
    *NCH=1.7E17 &
    *VTH0=0.4964448 &
    *K1=0.5307769 &
    *K2=0.0199705 &
    *K3=0.2963637 &
    *K3B=0.2012165 &
    *W0=2.836319E-6 &
    *NLX=2.894802E-7 &
    *DVT0W=0 &
    *DVT1W=5.3E6 &
    *DVT2W=-0.032 &
    *DVT0=0.112017 &
    *DVT1=0.2453972 &
    *DVT2=-0.171915 &
    *U0=444.9381976 &
    *UA=2.921284E-10 &
    *UB=1.773281E-18 &
    *UC=7.067896E-11 &
    *VSAT=1.130785E5 &
    *A0=1.1356246 &
    *AGS=0.2810374 &
    *B0=2.844393E-7 &
    *B1=5E-6 &
    *KETA=-7.8181E-3 &
    *A1=0 &
    *A2=1 &
    *RDSW=925.2701982 &
    *PRWG=-1E-3 &
    *PRWB=-1E-3 &
    *WR=1 &
    *WINT=7.186965E-8 &
    *LINT=1.735515E-9 &
    *XL=0 &
    *XW=0 &
    *DWG=-1.712973E-8 &
    *DWB=5.851691E-9 &
    *VOFF=-0.132935 &
    *NFACTOR=0.5710974 &
    *CIT=0 &
    *CDSC=8.607229E-4 &
    *CDSCD=0 &
    *CDSCB=0 &
    *ETA0=2.128321E-3 &
    *ETAB=0 &
    *DSUB=0.0257957 &
    *PCLM=0.6766314 &
    *PDIBLC1=1 &
    *PDIBLC2=1.787424E-3 &
    *PDIBLCB=0 &
    *DROUT=0.7873539 &
    *PSCBE1=6.973485E9 &
    *PSCBE2=1.46235E-7 &
    *PVAG=0.05 &
    *DELTA=0.01 &
    *MOBMOD=1 &
    *PRT=0 &
    *UTE=-1.5 &
    *KT1=-0.11 &
    *KT1L=0 &
    *KT2=0.022 &
    *UA1=4.31E-9 &
    *UB1=-7.61E-18 &
    *UC1=-5.6E-11 &
    *AT=3.3E4 &
    *WL=0 &
    *WLN=1 &
    *WW=0 &
    *WWN=1 &
    *WWL=0 &
    *LL=0 &
    *LLN=1 &
    *LW=0 &
    *LWN=1 &
    *LWL=0 &
    *CAPMOD=2 &
    *CGDO=1.96E-10 &
    *CGSO=1.96E-10 &
    *CGBO=0 &
    *CJ=9.276962E-4 &
    *PB=0.8157962 &
    *MJ=0.3557696 &
    *CJSW=3.181055E-10 &
    *PBSW=0.6869149 &
    *MJSW=0.1 &
    *PVTH0=-0.0252481 &
    *PRDSW=-96.4502805 &
    *PK2=-4.805372E-3 &
    *WKETA=-7.643187E-4 &
    *LKETA=-0.0129496 &
    simulator lang= spectre
    simulator lang= spice
    sinan, Sep 25, 2007
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  2. .... lots of lines snipped

    Well, they're just comments. So not sure why you're worrying. They look as if
    they were part of a cdsSpice syntax model (& is the continuation character
    in cdsSpice syntax, which is generally what an "S" interface like spectreS
    would use to describe models).

    Why are you using spectreS? It's been obsolete since IC443 (which was released
    something like 8 years ago). The "spectre" interface is a much more direct
    integration with the simulator.


    Andrew Beckett, Oct 1, 2007
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