Two question on Layouts in Cadence

Discussion in 'Cadence' started by hamidrezah, Nov 11, 2011.

  1. hamidrezah

    hamidrezah Guest

    Hi all Cadence Experts:

    1) I have a layout in Cadence and a list of circuit elements (all part
    of the layout). I want to highlight elements of this list on the
    layout. Simple way is to go through the list and highlight them
    manually 1 by 1. But this is impractical if you have a list of 2000
    elements. Any smart way like passing a file of the list?

    2) I extract from layout parasitic capacitors. I get an extracted view
    with capacitors clearly shown on it but the net names associated with
    capacitor pins are not shown. I played with all Pin related options in
    Options->Display to no avail. Any way to see the net names of the
    extracted parasitic capacitors on the extracted view?

    Thanks in advance for your hints and help.


    hamidrezah, Nov 11, 2011
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  2. hamidrezah wrote, on 11/11/11 11:52:
    For the first one, it depends what you mean by "highlight". Please elaborate.

    For the second, call asaEditCompDisplay() in the CIW - you can change the
    component display to show the terminal names on the devices this way, just as
    you can in the schematic (this is the same as the Edit->Component Display in

    Andrew Beckett, Nov 11, 2011
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  3. hamidrezah

    hamidrezah Guest

    Thanks for your reply.

    By "highlight", I mean anything that makes the elements of the list
    distinguishable on the layout from non "highlighted" ones. Let's say
    selection, if you click on a block or device on the layout, it will be
    surrounded by a white rectangle (selected). Something like that will
    suffice. Let's say I want to select all elements in the list. Can I
    guide selection by passing a file of element names to the Cadence?
    hamidrezah, Nov 11, 2011
  4. hamidrezah wrote, on 11/11/11 14:32:
    Something like:

    ; remove the trailing carriage return
    instName=rexReplace(data "" 1)
    inst=dbFindAnyInstByName(cvId instName)
    when(inst geSelectFig(inst))

    This is completely untested... but might give you clue?

    Andrew Beckett, Nov 16, 2011
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