top-level-assembly param 'quantity' linked to part-level param 'number' ??

Discussion in 'Pro/Engineer & Creo Elements/Pro' started by SpeeedyDan, Nov 5, 2004.

  1. SpeeedyDan

    SpeeedyDan Guest

    Hello all,

    i'm looking for a way to report the number of times a part is used in my
    top-level-assembly on the part-drawings.
    I've set up a BOM reporting the quantity numbers of the parts. That works
    just fine.

    How do I get ProE to show these quantity numbers on the part drawings ?
    I tried adding a parameter to the parts (within a smal test assembly), and
    adding relations in the top-level-assembly drawing, but to no avail.

    Ne1 ?!

    ProE 2000i^2 on W2k


    Speeedy Dan.
    SpeeedyDan, Nov 5, 2004
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