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Discussion in 'Microstation' started by Eric, Sep 28, 2005.

  1. Eric

    Eric Guest

    Hi, folks. I found this group through Google and thought I'd ask for
    some help from some experienced MicroStation users.

    I've been looking for moderately experienced MicroStation users (1-5
    years exp.) for employment opportunities in Jacksonville, FL and have
    been hitting some brick walls lately. The "big job boards" don't work.
    I get plenty of hits but no qualified candidates. Getting frustrating

    Anyone have any advice or suggestions on where to find qualified
    applicants? I'd really appreciate any specific contacts, leads or
    referrals that might put me on the right path to finding somone
    interested in the Florida region. I copied the job description below
    if that helps.

    Thanks to all!

    MicroStation Opportunities in Jacksonville, FL

    Leading international engineering firm seeks career oriented
    individuals for experienced MicroStation Technicians. Position will use
    a database (Oracle) to capture, update, edit and extract tabular data
    for integration into GIS and create maps and datasets.

    These positions require at least one year of direct, full-time
    experience using MicroStation to produce maps or similar output.
    Additionally, we require an individual who wishes to be promoted within
    18-24 months. We offer excellent benefits, including fully paid tuition
    reimbursement. Generous promotions and salary increases awarded to top
    performers. This is NOT a project or contingency position, but rather a
    long-term career opportunity. Please apply only if available for the
    long-term. Salary based on experience.

    Qualified applicants may apply directly by e-mailing their resume to
    for immediate consideration. Please put
    "MicroStation" in the subject heading.

    $100 referral fee for anyone referred who is subsequently hired. This
    includes self referrals.
    Eric, Sep 28, 2005
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