SWx 2007 & m$ Outlook 2003

Discussion in 'SolidWorks' started by bobzee1, Sep 14, 2006.

  1. bobzee1

    bobzee1 Guest

    bob z. works with a bunch crazed, install freaks. they all decided to
    install SWx2007 as soon as the discs hit their desks. so, in order for
    good ol' bob z. to keep up with the joneses, he had to install also.

    bob z. installed '07 at home and it didn't go very well. some of you
    may remember from another thread that SWx07 wouldn't start. bob z.
    found out sorta by accident that it was because his C: drive was full.
    swx is installed on another drive. no errors were given! as soon as
    bob z. deleted some files, swx ran just fine.

    back to point of this post. bob z. installed SWx2007 on this work
    machine. it installed beautifully and runs beautifully.
    microsoft outlook does not. it will not start. it gives an error
    about the business contact manager. is this a known issue?
    it may be too early for this issue to be common place. this issue may
    not even be swx related. bob z. just thought he would throw it out
    there (to the wolves?) to see how it shakes out.

    the naughty bits:
    Dell dimension 8400
    3ghz P-4
    2gb ram
    ATI Radeon x300 -128mb
    xp sp2 (32bit)

    latest greatest drivers, etc.

    bob z.
    ps here comes the pain, you're no different than the rest...
    bobzee1, Sep 14, 2006
  2. bobzee1

    Muggs Guest

    Muggs has had no problems with Outlook 2003 since installing SW2007 on his
    new laptop.
    However Muggs has not heard from bobzee in quite a while and he misses his
    witty input.

    Muggs, Sep 14, 2006
  3. bobzee1

    bobzee1 Guest

    bob z. has not stopped perusing THE newsgroup. bob z. just hasn't felt
    right about adding his 2 cents - the mood has to be right for bob z.
    bob z. likes to keep it 'light'.

    bob z. did some digging and found an issue with outlook 2003 and .Net
    framework v2.0 so, good ol' bob z. uinstalled the .net framework.
    outlook still doesn't work. now, bob z. is starting to get a little
    nervous. bob z. hasn't worked at this company very long and doesn't
    want to be bothering the IT dude so soon. (bob z. doesn't like being
    the blacksheep of the company.) swx2007 ran fine after the uninstall
    of .net 2.0, so why does swx2007 install it? why is automatic? is
    there an option to not install?

    bob z.'s ex-coworker (in another state) suggested the windows rollback
    feature. that works. bob z. has used it once before on his home
    system. outlook now works, but bob z. is back on swx2006.

    bob z. figures he should stop messing around and try to get some work
    done. bob z. fires up swx2006 and hits the assy he was working on.


    technology rocks your face off...

    bob z.
    ps save, save as, save as previous.
    bobzee1, Sep 14, 2006
  4. bobzee1

    mbiasotti Guest

    I think that markB should recommend to our SolidWorks World events
    committee that BobZ make a special stage appearance in New Orleans in
    2007. I think that at least half the crowd would get it and roar with

    Thanks for making me laugh at the end of my day; Your the best.

    But seriously, please let me know if your problem persists and I'll ask
    development to look into it.

    mbiasotti, Sep 15, 2006
  5. bobzee1

    DSwavely Guest

    As a perennial lurker and learner, I too always look forward to bob
    z.'s observations and his amazing ability to make me laugh about
    problems while still moving forward. I second Mark's suggestion to have
    bob z. receive his due recognition by the SolidWorks community.

    DSwavely, Sep 15, 2006
  6. bobzee1

    Freedom Elz Guest

    I'm a bob z. fan from way back, please post more often!

    BTW, I see that you are using the ATI Radeon X300, I bought a Dell for home
    with that card, the SW site lists it as not recommended becuase of limited
    amount of accelerated windows. I'm just wondering if you've run
    into any problems.
    Freedom Elz, Sep 15, 2006
  7. bobzee1

    bobzee1 Guest

    Freedom Elz wrote:

    Oh no!!! This video card is a killer. Productivity killer. bob z.
    doesn't recommend this card for swx at all. This thing is so bad, bob
    z. can force a BSOD just by opening too many swx files. Seriously -
    takes this beast to it's knees!

    bob z. was talking to the IT dude. The IT dude wants to help, so he is
    looking at the firegl cards from ATI. The prices of those don't look
    too outrageous. bob z. has always been a(n?) nVidia fan, so this ought
    to be fun.

    bob z.
    bobzee1, Sep 15, 2006
  8. bobzee1

    bobzee1 Guest

    bob z. just did a bit of research this morning. This was required
    because of some more issues. bob z. was working and went to put a hole
    in a part using the wizard of wizards (the hole wizard) and got an
    error about the database being the wrong version. (quick recap - swx07
    install yesterday - outlook won't run - rolled back xp - hole wizard
    database didn't rollback)

    bob z. knows he has to figure out why the swx07 install killed his m$
    outlook, so off we go.
    bob z. went to the micro$oft update page and found the .net 2.0 update.
    applied it and KA-BLAM-OH (sorta like torsion spring on his garage
    door this morning...). m$ outlook doesn't work. Back to the update
    page. The error in outlook is a business contact manager database
    failure to load or something equally as repulsive. The business
    contact manager update is only 177mb. Two reboots and two seperate
    updates later, m$ outlook is running like water through a race horse.

    The DOT NET TWO POINT OH is what is killing outlook with the business
    contact manager. If you are not running the business contact manager,
    you probably won't see this issue. It, also, appears to be a known
    issue with micro$oft. Is this another case of micro$oft's left hand
    not knowing what the right is doing?

    In all fairness, if good ol' bob z. had been keeping all of his
    software up to date, it probably would not have been an issue. As it
    turns out, this probably shouldn't have even been put into a SolidWorks
    newsgroup. Hopefully, it will help someone anyway.

    bob z. is now ready to rock with a fresh install of SolidWorks 2007,

    bob z.
    ps I think that someone is trying to kill me
    Infecting my blood and destroying my mind
    bobzee1, Sep 15, 2006
  9. bobzee1

    TOP Guest

    He should appear like the neighbor does in Tool Time and never show his
    TOP, Sep 15, 2006
  10. bobzee1

    Chebeba Guest

    I've heard rumors that you can take an x800, the FireGL driver installer and a
    little magic thingie from a Russian fellow called "Unwinder" and KA-BLAM-OH (Just
    like the garage door spring) you've got yourself a FGL7100...

    Chebeba, Sep 15, 2006
  11. (Resending this)

    We have some FireGL cards and I like them - it's just the Radeons that I shy
    away from.

    Wayne Tiffany, Sep 18, 2006
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