Switched from AutoSketch 8 to AutoCAD LT 2005 - How to convert parts library?

Discussion in 'AutoSketch' started by MrTown2000, Jan 18, 2005.

  1. MrTown2000

    MrTown2000 Guest

    Please Help!
    After working with AutoSketch for a wail I have created a nice parts library in AutoSketch symbols library. How can I convert that library to AutoCAD LT 2005? Even just getting them into one .dwg file.
    Any info / suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
    MrTown2000, Jan 18, 2005
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  2. MrTown2000

    Ric Norris Guest

    Insert your AS symbols into a blank AS drawing.....save as a .dwg file.

    Open the drawing in LT....best bet is to explode all the original AS symbols
    at this point and assign all entities/contents to Layer 0 and Bylayer.

    WBLOCK (write block) is the best method for creating/saving blocks in LT.
    Check LT Help for more information.

    Ric Norris.
    Ric Norris, Jan 18, 2005
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