SW guy on MDT, Inventor or Catia?

Discussion in 'CATIA' started by Robin, May 13, 2004.

  1. Robin

    Robin Guest

    I'm a self employed that just became an employe of a company. I am used
    SolidWorks as a self employed but the new companyi using something else.

    They are using MDT 6, claiming that MDT 8 is not stable (is the 6 stable??).
    They have licenses of Inventor 6 but claim that this is not stable and they
    should better stay with MDT 6 rather than moving to Inventor 6. They have
    there licenses of Inventor 8 but did not tested it.

    They are in the aerospace industry and could buy Catia too. Catia is more
    appealing for potential clients but cost much more. They could just afford
    one eventually and whould have to deal with the fact that we could be a
    couple of staff using cad system which could be a problem with just one
    Catia license.

    This is a big problem. Stayong on MDT is an advantage because the structure
    and templates are already working. However, they are pain slow and it
    sounds not realy appealing to client.

    Moving on Inventor could be a nice move but they claim it is not stable.

    Moving to SW is easy to me (I do support and training on it) and I can
    manage every aspect of it (including FEA analysis that we plan to do).
    Morehover, SW is a property of Catia and I know it can handle the job well.

    Question: Can Inventor 8 handle the job as good as SW2004? (stability and

    Question: is Catia as fast as Inventor or SW on modeling and drafting? (I'm
    not talking about power but basing prismatic modeling)

    Question: Is Catia FEA module as fast and easy as add-in in Inventor or SW?

    If anybody can help me in part of this big problem, I don't expect anyone to
    help me in all these area. I am just an expert on SW and cosmosworks.

    mech eng
    Robin, May 13, 2004
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