Discussion in 'AutoCAD' started by WC, Nov 5, 2005.

  1. WC

    WC Guest

    Can you help? Fancy stairs ? any lisps around that may help or stair
    specialists ?

    I am working on my own home design. I am stuck with the stairs. 1st to 2nd
    floor is exactly 10 feet vertically between. 2nd to 3rd is exactly 8 feet
    vertically between

    The width is 12 feet
    I am trying to do a common set of stairs that splits (like a Y) after a few
    steps and then curves and goes up the sides of the second floor stairs. The
    second floor stairs go in the opposite direction of the split first set of

    I hope that makes some sense

    WC, Nov 5, 2005
  2. Are you actually going to build them, or are you just fooling around?

    Stairs are heavily regulated by building codes in Canada. In the OBC it is
    in Part 9 Section 8.
    Stairs are tricky, and I know of no shortcuts. Curved ones trickier still.

    12 feet sounds like its on a stage set for a musical!
    Michael Bulatovich, Nov 5, 2005
  3. WC

    Dan Deckert Guest

    On the other hand.......
    10' elev. @ 7" rise =17.14 steps
    10' elev. @ 7.5" rise =16 steps
    10' elev. @ 7.75" rise =15.48 steps
    10' elev. @ 8" rise =15 steps

    8' elev. @ 7" rise =13.71 steps.........Last/First step would be 4.97" rise
    ////.71 x 7"
    8' elev. @ 7.5" rise =12.8 steps.........Last/First step would be 6" rise
    ////.8 x 7.5"
    8' elev. @ 7.75" rise =12.38 steps.........Last/First step would be 2.945"
    rise ////.38 x 7.75"
    8' elev. @ 8" rise =12 steps

    Not really a problem with the concept as far as I can see. Just (probably)
    going to have to meet code as the others stated. I "think" US code
    (commercial) is 7.5" rise +/- 1/4" by 11" deep. Kind of a crap shoot as far
    as I can see.........You pretty much 'adjust' to the 1st or 2nd step but
    really do notice if the first couple of steps are not traditional. (From
    bottom or top)

    "Assuming" I haven't screwed up my figures above, you might want to look @
    going to an 8" rise to keep uniform in the house. ("If allowed by code") If
    all else fails, you could always put in an elevator...........

    Dan Deckert, Nov 5, 2005
  4. The stair section of our provincial (~state) code prevents much originality,
    especially when it comes to "guards" (short 'walls' stopping you from
    falling off). From a visual design point of view, guards are most of what
    you see in a stair.

    Typical stair geometry is confined but fairly reasonably, unless you buy
    those traditional rules about rise and run, which I do, in which case all
    kinds of awful stairs are permitted. For example, it's completely legal to
    do a 7-7/8" rise with a 14" run, or one with a 4-7/8" rise with an 8-1/4"
    run. These are both hazards in my opinion. We have a graph on the wall
    outlining the "sweet spot" in stair geometry within code limits, but further
    limited by 3 algebraic rules. We aim for the sweet spot if we can, in all

    I've custom designed a few completely custom stairs in Ontario, and there is
    hardly a more frustrating section of the code.

    See and
    for one still on the web. I've done very traditional ones too.

    Unless the work is of a law-abiding architect/designer, if you see a stair
    featured in a glossy magazine up here, and it is meant to showcase someone's
    creativity, it is usually illegal in one obvious way or more, and probably
    done without a permit. It drives me nuts.

    The code actually protects a new-born baby's head (4"/100mm) from being
    insert into openings in most guards. New-borns can't even roll over, so we
    are really protecting the public from baby-killers. No one asks why such a
    person doesn't just toss the baby over the guard, or squish them in-between
    two treads where the risers are open, (which also still legal to do- the
    open risers not the squishing) which can have a clear opening of up to 7".

    I admit that I'm no expert in baby-killers rules of conduct, but I imagine
    them to be fairly practical, resourceful people....
    Michael Bulatovich, Nov 5, 2005
  5. WC

    WC Guest

    Thanks to all but I think now I am going to go with spit stairs.

    WC, Nov 6, 2005
  6. WC

    Robert Guest

    User will probably post it i hope the basic drawing was sent according to
    the dimensions supplied.

    Robert, Nov 7, 2005
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