SolidWorks World presentation - Curvy Stuff 6, the basics of loft - finally ready to download

Discussion in 'SolidWorks' started by Edward T Eaton, May 4, 2007.

  1. A mere two and a half months later than I promised it, "Curvy Stuff 6"
    from SWx World 2007 is now available for download on

    Just click the "SolidWorks Tutorials" tab under the "About Us" heading
    (the middle left of the page)
    Even if you have already downloaded this presentation from another
    source, come by and download the previously unavailable sample files
    so you can experiment with them and analyze them.

    As always, we request that you restrict your downloads during the
    business week to before 8:00 AM or after 5:00 PM central time, US. On
    weekends, consider downloading to be fair game.

    We at DiMonte Group are happy to share our tutorials, but first we are
    a business and need our bandwidth during our business hours to service
    our customers. We provide these files as a courtesy to the larger
    SolidWorks community - please reciprocate that courtesy by downloading
    when it won't impact our business. Thanks!

    Ed 'Sorry about the delay" Eaton

    PS: A note about that delay-
    We used to have a talented guy work on our website, but he is no
    longer available to us. In my ignorance about website design, I
    thought it would take only a couple of weeks to figure out how to
    simply add a link to a new tutorial.
    It turned out that the site wasn't really set up for quick changes.
    So I have spent the last two and a half months trying, embarrassingly,
    to learn what many high school students already know and design a web
    sites essentially from scratch.
    It turns out that web sites are about as fascinatingly complicated as
    getting a loft to 'go'. When one considers the particulars of various
    browsers, very little makes sense. Look it up - it's weird.
    So, the plus side is this site should render well in Firefox and
    safari for the first time - I don't know about 'Opera' or other
    browsers with smaller user bases and would love feedback through the
    'contact us' page.

    And, since I rewrote the site for easy changes and updates, I was able
    to add content that I always wished should be there, and I can add
    stuff at my whim for the first time. So keep popping by every few
    months or so, because there may be some useful additions.
    Edward T Eaton, May 4, 2007
  2. Edward T Eaton

    Dale Dunn Guest

    I'm not so wound up about the delay, I'm just glad yo uput in the effort.
    Dale Dunn, May 5, 2007
  3. Edward T Eaton

    Twit Guest


    great stuff as usual. Thanks for your efforts over the years - I've
    learnt a lot and I've made sure that my acolytes (for want of a better
    word) visit your tutorials as a matter of course.
    Twit, May 5, 2007
  4. Edward T Eaton

    neilscad Guest

    Well I came back for a quick browse today and behold... good ol' Ed
    has posted a new curvystuff...

    Thanks very much :D

    I hope all is well with you and yours Mr Eaton
    neilscad, May 7, 2007
  5. Thanks to you (and others) for forgiving my delay.

    Fortunately, this will be the last time I have to depend on someone
    else to post stuff as it comes up - it took 150 hours to learn, test,
    and rewrite, but now I am beholden to no one.
    I like knowing that I can now post files whenever I get around to it
    because... I felt weird being 36 and being completely oblivious about
    what a lot of high-school students already know - how to do web
    design. I am glad I finally had the impetus to take the plunge.
    Plus., there are neat little tidbits in my archive of SWx tips that I
    am itching to make available (after, of course, I am done with the
    next trebuchet), so keep an eye out in June or July.

    Note to others with websites: in my research, I wanted to install a
    private counter of some kind so I could see if all the effort of
    annotating these presentations was really worth it. I explored a
    bunch of options, then in a snit over my ignorance of PHP and stuff
    relating to the /cgi.bin, I just went with gooogle analytics, thinking
    I could delete it whenever.

    Google analytics: in a word- Woah. It rocks

    I'm glad that Google has included in their business plan to 'do no
    evil' because those folks, for free, can do amazing things. When they
    decide to shift gears and take over the world, it is theirs for the

    It has been a blast over the last 4 days watching the worldwide
    distribution of the tutorials (overlaid on a map, no less!). Informed
    only by this newsgroup (I have yet to post to other groups because,
    frankly, this was my first group and will always be my sentimental
    favorite. I hate that the conversation about SWx is now fractured
    so), I have seen how widespread and numerous the lurkers on this group
    really are.

    For those wondering about how much their post to this group matters,
    just consider this: only three people have responded to my post (which
    is good - don't say anything unless you have something to add).

    There was the expected distribution (based on language and on
    posters): The States, UK, Australia, New Zealand. It was fun trying to
    figure out which of the regulars downloaded from which hometowns - the
    towns are available through google analytics.

    But there were the surprises - for instance, until today, we had more
    hits from Iran than from Canada - THAT I didn't expect. I'm glad that
    the political BS (which I don't care for) goes to the wayside when it
    comes to figuring out how we can all do our jobs better.

    So hello to you all - Italy, Estonia, China, Indonesia, Mexico,
    Thailand, Spain, Austria, Bulgaria, Poland, Ireland, Brazil, Japan,
    Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Switzerland, Sweden, Netherlands, Israel,
    Turkey, Germany, France, Croatia, and of course Canada and Iran, plus
    any others I forgot to acknowledge.
    It's good to know just how deep and diverse our lurker community
    really is.
    As a lurker these last few months, I can really appreciate that a post
    here does go out to a number of folks, beyond the vocal 'usual
    suspects' (and knowing the wide variety of folks who are benefiting
    from comp.cad.solidworks, I should probably avoid using culturally
    specific references in future posts like 'the usual suspects')
    My eyes have been opened

    Edward T Eaton, May 9, 2007
  6. "2nd, Curvy Stuff 5, Part 2 (Curvy Stuff 5 - The Wrath of Scotty, 2)
    download, when RMB on link, the page is just saved as a .html file."

    OK, feeling stupid now - I have no excuse for missing that (but I wish
    I did).
    It should be fixed, along with a few others that were linking to html
    files instead of zip files.
    Sorry about the runaround, and let me know if there are other

    Edward T Eaton, May 9, 2007
  7. Thanks, Ed. I don't mind the wait too much. I just wish I could have been
    there. Maybe next year...

    Jerry Steiger
    Jerry Steiger, May 10, 2007
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