Discussion in 'AutoCAD' started by Dan Deckert, Oct 10, 2005.

  1. Dan Deckert

    Dan Deckert Guest

    Anyone worked with this program? I just got a 2 hour showing of this today.
    This may not replace acad but it's damn sure impressive. 3d rendering and
    runs fine on a 1.6 mhz 512 ram and 128 meg video. & no, I'm not selling it
    etc. etc. etc.

    The libraries are short of needed things and there are some shortcomings as
    to what I seen today, but still damned impressive. Cost is about 470.00 US

    Any opinions? experiences? The demo I seen today was being used primarily in
    doing piping and mechanical. Guess it was designed for architects but seems
    to go way beyond that.

    Dan Deckert, Oct 10, 2005
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  2. Dan Deckert

    Jase Guest

    WONDERFUL program... I use it for design work and quick perspectives...
    worth more than the price they are asking. Imports into AutoCAD ADT.
    Jase, Oct 10, 2005
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