Searching for a good GPost for Heidenhain 426

Discussion in 'Pro/Engineer & Creo Elements/Pro' started by Bjorn, Nov 25, 2003.

  1. Bjorn

    Bjorn Guest


    I'm looking for att good GPost for Heidenhain 426. I'm not
    so satisfied with the ones found on PTC's homepage, I think
    some of them generate to much unnessecary code and some
    of them don't generate the information I want.

    Specifically for machines like MIKRON VC1000 (TNC426)
    and DECKEL MAHO DMU60T (TNC426 and 530)

    I'm going to try and customize myself, but that don't seem to
    easy so I thought I could ask here first.

    Appended some sample code


    0 BEGIN PGM 03014506 MM
    1 BLK FORM 0.1 Z X-100,000 Y-100,000 Z-10,000
    2 BLK FORM 0.2 X+100,000 Y+100,000 Z+10,000
    3 ; END MILL DIAM 1
    4 TOOL CALL 1 Z S3000
    5 L Z+250,000 R0 FMAX M13
    6 L X-72,924 Y+5,405 FMAX
    7 L Z+10,000 R0 FMAX
    8 L Z+1,000 R0 FMAX
    9 L Z+0,000 F200
    10 L X-72,973 Y+4,664 F400
    11 L X-73,217 Y+4,382
    12 L X-73,452 Y+4,249
    13 L X-73,901 Y+4,279
    14 L X-74,115 Y+4,442
    15 L X-74,320 Y+4,753
    16 L X-74,272 Y+5,494
    17 L X-71,577 Y+5,316
    18 L Z+1,000 F200

    676 L X+38,320 Y-63,331
    677 L X+38,565 Y-63,445
    678 L X+38,935 Y-63,481
    679 L X+39,188 Y-63,325
    680 L X+39,324 Y-62,978
    681 L X+39,332 Y-62,709
    682 L Z+1,000 F200
    683 L Z+2,100 R0 FMAX
    684 L X+41,388 Y-61,370 FMAX
    685 L Z+1,000 R0 FMAX
    686 L Z+0,000
    687 L X+39,901 Y-61,277 F400
    688 L X+40,394 Y-59,870
    689 L Z+1,000 F200
    690 L Z+10,000 R0 FMAX
    691 L Z+260,000 R0 FMAX
    692 M30
    693 END PGM 03014506 MM
    Bjorn, Nov 25, 2003
  2. Victor Polestchuk, Nov 25, 2003
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