rescale while pasting.

Discussion in 'AutoSketch' started by Andrew raffle, Dec 16, 2004.

  1. I would like to know if it is possible to create an entiy, or group of, in
    one drawing at a scale of 1:20 then cut and paste it into a different
    drawing of a scale of 1:50? In claris draw this was called rescale while
    pasting which was easily set in the preferences menu.

    thank you in anticipation
    Andrew raffle, Dec 16, 2004
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  2. Andrew raffle

    Len Rafuse Guest

    You do not need to rescale when you go between drawings of different

    A 2' x 12' rectangle on one drawing will be a 2' x 12' rectangle on the
    other drawing.

    Hmmmm... I guess that means that it automatically corrects for the scale
    of the drawing - so it does rescale automatically. No Menu preference
    to set.

    Does this answer your question?
    Len Rafuse, Dec 16, 2004
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  3. Andrew raffle

    Paul Jackson Guest


    When drawing in autosketch you are always drawing full size without scale.

    On a drawing board your PAPER is real and the drawing is shrunk down to fit.
    Sketch thinks your drawing is real and scales the page size larger to give
    the illusion of scale.
    Therefore, your objects will always correspond regardless of scale because
    the objects are not the entities that are changing proportion with scale,
    your page is.

    Wish I could do that with a bottle of whisky.

    Paul Jackson, Dec 17, 2004
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