record a fly-thru

Discussion in 'Pro/Engineer & Creo Elements/Pro' started by Gary Miglionico, Mar 9, 2005.

  1. Hi all, I need to use pro/fly thru. As far as I know the old version
    which was an add-on allowed you to record the fly thru as an avi file. This
    is no longer available as far as I know. I did find software I can buy like
    'snag-it' which will let me capture and record a screen area. This will work
    but the quality is poor. Anyone have other ideas on how I can record a
    Gary Miglionico, Mar 9, 2005
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  2. Gary Miglionico

    David Janes Guest

    AFAIK, some limited features of Pro/FLY-THROUGH have been incorporated into WF
    Foundation Advantage. But the separate add-on is still available and needed to do
    the screen capture. Some packages, like Advanced Design, incorporate it.
    Otherwise, it's a separate purchase.
    David Janes, Mar 11, 2005
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  3. Gary Miglionico

    hamei Guest

    If it's just a one-time deal and you don't mind the hassle,
    you don't need any extra software. Windows, right ? Just
    use the "Print Scrn" key. That'll copy a screenshot to the
    clipboard. Then open the bitmap editor from Accessories
    (forget the name) and do a 'paste.' It'll ask you a question
    about scaling then drop the bitmap right into the utility.
    Save, then you can edit that in a grafix program such as
    irfanview. (Irfanview is free and nice for lightweight grafix
    manipulation, btw. Irfanview might even collate the indi-
    vidual images into an mpeg, I forget. If not, use Shake or
    Maya or borrow a Mac :) Seriously, there are free apps that
    will create an animation also. Maybe Blender ?

    on a Silicon Graphics box of course this is a picnic, but
    Windows is so much better p)
    hamei, Mar 12, 2005
  4. Gary Miglionico

    David Janes Guest

    Well, I used the same free one that Gary used and got the same junky results. The
    question is what 'free' one gives good enough quality output to capture a
    fly-through that's the equivalent of using Pro/FLY-THROUGH.
    It's an important point: SGI boxes are built for graphics handling; screen capture
    like this is not the greatest challenge SGI boxes handle. And one of their
    strengths is good, well buffered graphics cards.

    So the software has to be up to the challenge, but so must the hardware. If your
    gpu is closer to a $3000 one than a $300 one, you'll have a better chance of
    success. Some might suggest getting a card, like on of the ATI All-in-Wonder cards
    that seem to have specialized in screen capture, but we're still talking about
    Pro/e here. In any case, it's hard to believe that a workstation at a national
    lab, running Pro/e, would have inadequate hardware.

    The main thing you get with Pro/e's built-in applications is roughly termed
    integration. It has several applications capable of making animations: Mechanica
    can capture and play back the stress of loading a part, shown in color; Mechanism
    Design can capture a mechanism's movement through a programmed range of motion,
    including highlighting interferernce between parts; Design Animation can capture
    the animation of a mechanism, including assembly/disassembly while it is moving;
    and finally, Fly-Through captures moving the viewpoint through the assembly, along
    a predefined path. In all these applications, Pro/e takes certain known limits of
    motion, say position A and position B and a definition of the motion in time or
    length, figures out frames per second or you set a total time or total frames.
    Then IT takes care of dividing up the movement from A to B, even creating the
    trajectory, as in the case of DAX, puts a bunch of points along that trajectory,
    one for each frame, then moves the assembly or component to that point, takes a
    snapshot, moves it to the next point, snap and keeps doing that, at whatever pace
    your system can handle, until it gets all the frames for the AVI or MPEG. I really
    don't see, even with good screen capture software and a great system, how you
    could duplicate this manually, much less smoothly and certainly not efficiently.
    Even a relatively simple animation could take days or even weeks.

    David Janes
    David Janes, Mar 12, 2005
  5. Gary Miglionico

    hamei Guest

    sure, but I thought he just wanted to do a one-time thingy,
    not become the next Steven Spielberg :)

    (btw, the sgi boxes do do exactly those kinds of things,
    which is one of the fun things about running them. A base
    Irix install includes all kinds of video tools. This kind
    of simple project would be fun on an octane. It's also
    interesting to compare video-editing software prices to
    CADCAM - ya know how people bitch that pro/E costs fifteen
    grand ? check out the top-end Discreet programs. $250,000
    or so ...)
    hamei, Mar 13, 2005
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