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Discussion in 'Cadence' started by Martin Lefebvre, Jul 1, 2004.

  1. Greetings,

    I am a Unix administrator for a company that uses the following Cadence
    tools (amongst others):

    Assura DRC, LVS and RCX
    NC Verilog
    and several Virtuoso tools

    Recently, they acquired nice Dual-Opteron machines, but found out that none
    of the tools actually seem to support either 64bit or SMP under Linux.

    Is there any way to force either of the 2 (preferably both) on the tools?

    The company is also reluctant to upgrade their RedHat 8.0, because
    apparently, Cadence will not support anything above that.
    When could we expect to see support for a more up to date version of Linux?
    We could upgrade anyway, but the company doesn't want to take the chance, as
    they do not wish to lose the support from Cadence

    Any pointers or info would be appreciated

    Martin Lefebvre, Jul 1, 2004
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  2. You cannot force software to run in 64bit or SMP. It has to be compiled
    for it. The customer needs to lobby for it if they want it. Assura
    supports a multi-processor mode on other platforms, so it may support it
    on Linux. Very few Virtuoso applications support 64bit and I don't think
    any support SMP.

    As for running on something more recent than RH8.0, the only problem is
    if Cadence is unable to reproduce the problem on the supported OS. There
    is a tendency to say "We can't make it fail. Show it fails on the
    supported OS". Keep one old machine for that circumstance.
    Diva Physical Verification, Jul 2, 2004
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  3. Both BuildGates and NC Verilog *do* support 64-bits on Solaris and
    HP-UX but only on the UltraSparc and PA processors. I don't know
    whether DRC, LVS, RCX and any of the other tools do, but I would expect
    so and only on these 64-bit platforms right now.

    Support for 64-bits on Linux will be available yet, at least the
    product announcements have been made for some tools. The main question
    there will be 64-bit Linux on what processor: Opteron, Itanium or both?
    Check the Cadence press releases from last year and/or check with your
    local Cadence office.

    /Jean Brouwers
    Jean Brouwers, Jul 2, 2004
  4. Martin Lefebvre

    mx Guest

    Both BuildGates and NC Verilog *do* support 64-bits on Solaris and
    A good portion (most) of Cadence's *back-end* tools are offered
    in 64-bit on at least one platform (usually Solaris.) Just check out
    Cadence's 'computing platform support '

    Unfortunately, the 64-bit matrix is riddled with OBVIOUS typos...
    (AMD64 on Redhat 7.2 ... umm hello?!?!?)

    I know for a fact that Buildgates (PKS) is offered for AMD64 on
    Redhat Enterprise Linux 2.1 (or 3.0.)
    Yeah...why can't Cadence post an *accurate* platform support matrix
    (like Synopsys does) That would answer the questions of any
    potential customer.
    mx, Jul 2, 2004
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