Quadro FX1500 vs Quadro FX3500

Discussion in 'SolidWorks' started by Jack, Apr 2, 2007.

  1. Jack

    Jack Guest

    I was just told that there is minimal performance gain by upgrading from
    an Nvidia Quadro FX1500 to an FX3500, and that money saved should go
    into RAM and CPU power. While that latter makes perfect sense, the
    first part is a gray area to me. Can anyone with experience shed a
    little light on this for me? - S/Works 2007 office pro.
    Jack, Apr 2, 2007
  2. Jack

    pete Guest

    I had the 980 quadro Agp and upped to fx3400 pciE, noooo difference in
    performance. save your cash and get a bigger proccesor and more ram.

    Oh! and Dual proccesors make very little difference also, on Office Pro 2006
    pete, Apr 3, 2007
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