Problem reading converted AS6.01 DWG files with AC2000

Discussion in 'AutoSketch' started by Ian L, Feb 2, 2005.

  1. Ian L

    Ian L Guest

    I draw parts using AS6.01 and convert them to a DWG file for my colleagues to read using AC2000, when they open the files the dimension lines and font sizes have changed making the drawings very difficult to read. Currently they have to redimension the whole drawing. I've tried exporting in all available formats and the problem is the same with them all. Does anyone know if this has been resolved in the latest version of AS - I don't want to upgrade only to find that the same problem exists.
    Ian L, Feb 2, 2005
  2. Ian L

    Len Rafuse Guest

    I have had this happen on some drawings but not on others with 6.01. If
    you explode the dimensions that might make it look right inAutoCAD.

    I have AS 9 but do not use it often. I know some things transfer better
    in AS 9 but some things such as text alignment are worse.
    Len Rafuse, Feb 4, 2005
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