Discussion in 'SolidWorks' started by 3d, Aug 3, 2004.

  1. 3d

    3d Guest

    For anyone struggling to figure out how to create a PDF in SWX it's pretty
    simple but you may have to have the Bluebeam version of swx

    FIRST go to Tools>Options and check "Save as PDF"
    Then you can save them right from the save as dialog.

    Maybe I'm the only dumbass that could't figure that out! ;0) But it was in
    help under "PDF"
    3d, Aug 3, 2004
  2. 3d

    Ben Kempe Guest

    An easier way is to download a program from www.pdf995.com that "prints" you
    files to a PDF foramat. This program works with SW and any other program
    you use to print with.
    Ben Kempe, Aug 3, 2004
  3. 3d

    Steve Tietz Guest

    Cute Pdf is just as good as pdf995 only without the annoying popup add.

    Just FYI

    Steve Tietz
    Steve Tietz, Aug 3, 2004
  4. 3d

    3d Guest

    I agree that there are many ways and utilities to do this but as far as
    easier, once you check the addin it is in your "Save as" options. When you
    save as you dump it where you want it. How much easier can the 3rd parties
    be?. I will try the others to test them but a file print select pdf955 or
    file save as pdf seems the same to me and blue beam is already in the
    software. Thanks guys.
    3d, Aug 3, 2004
  5. We use the Bluebeam "Save As" option in Solidworks all the time.
    Works great for us and is the easiest option.

    Richard Charney, Aug 3, 2004
  6. 3d

    Arlin Guest

    One more vote for cute pdf. Very easy to install and use. Plus, you
    can use it with any program.
    Arlin, Aug 3, 2004
  7. 3d

    Sporkman Guest

    Correction . . . it's Tools > Add-Ins (not Options) > Save as PDF.
    Sporkman, Aug 3, 2004
  8. 3d

    Gittings Guest

    The only gripe I've got with Bluebeam is that, for us anyway, we weren't
    able to use Acrobat to insert the Bluebeam PDF into another PDF file. For
    example, after PDFing an Assy dwg, we sometimes want to create one PDF with
    the enitre set of build package drawings by inserting the "daughter" PDFs
    into the first file. We've not been able to do that with Bluebeam PDFs.
    Gittings, Aug 4, 2004
  9. GhostScript + FreeDist will do that for you..and for free of course..
    Markku Lehtola, Aug 4, 2004
  10. We have no problem using Bluebeam PDF's in Acrobat.
    We always add an extra drawing sheet to our assembly drawings using acrobat
    and it works just fine.
    Infact it's a different drawing from Solidworks, saved as a PDF.
    Richard Charney, Aug 4, 2004
  11. 3d

    P. Guest

    I have abandoned BlueBeam. From the day it was introduced I have had the
    following problems:

    1. It screwed up printing drawings in 2003 when 2004 was installed.
    2. Controlling the format of the PDF is a real trick. Anything but Landscape
    A is trouble.
    3. I already had a SW to PDF solution.
    4. I found "freeware" solutions that had more capabilities like multiple
    prints in one file.
    5. It had a history of causing system problems before SW introduced it in
    their software.
    P., Aug 9, 2004
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