Pause the Running Command ----- other Commands ----- Resume theprevious stoped Command

Discussion in 'Cadence' started by bsrin, Jun 12, 2009.

  1. bsrin

    bsrin Guest

    Hi Everyone,
    I have a doubt, Can I "pause" the Running Command after
    'x' seconds ,Run the other Commands and Resume the Previous(pause)
    Is it possible, if it is possible, give me an example .
    Thanks in Advance
    bsrin, Jun 12, 2009
  2. bsrin

    momchil Guest

    No. This is not possible if you refer to SKILL API procedures. You may
    however run different SKILL procedures in different framework sessions
    (manually or through IPC). Your request is very vague. Be more
    momchil, Jun 21, 2009
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