pass parameters to diva drcExtractRules(

Discussion in 'Cadence' started by Mike Russell, Sep 26, 2003.

  1. Mike Russell

    Mike Russell Guest

    I would like to allow users to overide some parameter values in a
    diva extraction deck without having to update the deck. An addition
    to the deck that allows users to specify parameters is ok.

    My Foundries deck starts out:
    ca_coeff = 0.44 ; PRE CA contact resistance area coefficient
    via_coeff = 0.055 ; PRE middle via resistance area coefficient
    av_coeff = 0.78 ; PRE top AV via resistance area coefficient
    resLimit1 = 0.05 ; PRE low limit
    resLimit2 = 1000.0 ; PRE high limit
    capLimit = 1.0e-18 ; LPE low limit

    How can I pass a new value for capLimit in.

    The capLimit gets passed to a ignore < capLimit option of

    Someone suggested adding a Design variable to the cell.
    I assume to do this I would have to change the deck to
    open the cellview and get this value. How do you get
    the cell name to look in. I could get cell from current open layout
    window and tell users they can only run the deck on the layout cell
    they have open. Is there a diva command to get the name of the cell
    being processed?

    (Can skill lines be added to the deck?? I have not modified any
    decks before
    so I am not sure what skill commands are legal in a diva deck.
    Mike Russell, Sep 26, 2003
  2. You can get the cellview using ivGetCellView().

    As for SKILL, all SKILL language constructs are available. API functions
    for various tools are problematic. All the db*() functions are there, as
    are the tech*() functions, so you can access the cellview and it's
    techfile to read properties.

    What you are really asking for is something like the switches. A way to
    declare named parameters in the rule deck, with default values, and set
    them from the GUI form, the SKILL interface, and the ivVerify command
    line. This is something that is not in Diva. I would think it would be
    easy enough to do, if someone were to make the case to the Diva R&D
    team. After all, they did add switch support to LVS rule decks recently.
    Edward J Kalenda, Sep 27, 2003
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