Parasitic Extracted Capacitors: Coordinates

Discussion in 'Cadence' started by hamidrezah, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. hamidrezah

    hamidrezah Guest

    Hi all Cadence experts:

    When you extract parasitic capacitors from a layout, you will get a
    coordinate (x and y pair) associated with each capacitor on the
    extracted view.

    What do these coordinates mean? Are they the actual physical location
    (on the layout) where the capacitance actually occurs and measured by

    The reason I am asking this is because the nets connected to the pins
    of the capacitors can span anywhere across the layout. I need to make
    sure the coordinates really point to the location where Cadence senses
    and measures the capacitance and not some random location along the
    associated nets.

    Many thanks for your hint and/or clarification.

    Kind regards,


    P.S. I am using QRC and Cadence 6.1.5
    hamidrezah, Nov 15, 2011
  2. hamidrezah wrote, on 11/15/11 11:41:
    When the extracted view is created, it should place the parasitic component in
    the region where the parasitic arises from.

    Note however that if you are using the RC reduction options, that's much harder
    (if not impossible) to do... (I've not really experimented, but it no longer has
    a one to one correspondence with the geometries in the layout).

    Andrew Beckett, Nov 16, 2011
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