ocean script and value(wf xV) called many times is slow

Discussion in 'Cadence' started by Marcel Preda, Nov 14, 2011.

  1. Marcel Preda

    Marcel Preda Guest

    Hi there,

    I have a ocean code which has to to some post-processing on a wave
    Practically I have to call value() many times (~ 3000 000) on a
    waveform, and it takes some time.
    I saw in the profiler that this call is most consuming.

    My code is looking simmilar with the next one.
    wf - wave form
    startF - start freq
    endF - end freq
    spectralRes - step freq

    procedure( myProc(wf startF endF spectralRes)
    ( let (my_freq)

    my_freq = startF

    while( my_freq <= endF
    my_value = value( wf my_freq )
    my_freq = my_freq + spectralRes


    As you see, in the while loop I call my_value = value( wf my_freq )
    lots of time.
    If is possible I want to get all the values in a list, with just one
    something like:
    l_my_values = value( wf xStart xEnd xStep)
    Is it possible ?
    I had a look on the value() documentation, but looks like such a call
    is not possible.
    Any other function which can do this ?

    Thank you,
    Marcel Preda, Nov 14, 2011
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  2. Marcel Preda wrote, on 11/14/11 09:07:


    l_my_values = cadr(abWaveToList(sample(wf xStart xEnd xStep) ?transpose t))

    should do this. The code for abWaveToList is here:

    /* abWaveToList.il

    Author A.D.Beckett
    Group Custom IC (UK), Cadence Design Systems Ltd.
    Language SKILL
    Date Nov 17, 2003

    Convert a waveform to a list


    SCCS Info: @(#) abWaveToList.il 11/17/03.15:08:15 1.1


    * *
    * (abWaveToList wave @key transpose) *
    * *
    * Take a waveform object, and return it as a list of xy pairs. Or *
    * if transpose is set, it returns a list of x values followed by a list *
    * of y values. *
    * *

    (procedure (abWaveToList wave @key transpose)
    (let (xList yList xyList len
    (xVec (drGetWaveformXVec wave))
    (yVec (drGetWaveformYVec wave))
    (setq len (drVectorLength xVec))
    ; Return value of this if is the list
    (if transpose
    (for i 0 (sub1 len)
    (setq xList (tconc xList (drGetElem xVec i)))
    (setq yList (tconc yList (drGetElem yVec i)))
    (list (car xList) (car yList))
    ; else
    (for i 0 (sub1 len)
    (setq xyList (tconc xyList (list (drGetElem xVec i)
    (drGetElem yVec i))))
    (car xyList)
    ) ; if
    ) ; let
    ) ; procedure

    Andrew Beckett, Nov 16, 2011
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  3. Marcel Preda

    Marcel Preda Guest

    Hi Andrew,

    Thanks a lot.

    I see now that your abWaveToList code is 8 years old, looks like I did
    search enough on the web :(

    Best Reagrds,
    Marcel Preda, Nov 16, 2011
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