need help finding tutorials for Pro/nc and pro/cmm

Discussion in 'Pro/Engineer & Creo Elements/Pro' started by Jack, May 1, 2004.

  1. Jack

    Jack Guest

    I've been thru 6 tutorials on Pro/E... None of which discuss pro/nc and
    pro/cmm... any advice on a good tutorial on these subjects or the best
    Pro/E tutorials.

    Any help or suggestions would be great... I am a 20 year machinist who
    was injured and tring to learn a profession.

    Jack (walking is highly over-rated) :)
    Jack, May 1, 2004
  2. Jack

    Pete Guest


    I'm afraid that Pro/NC tutorials are thin on the ground. There is
    only one of which I am aware, and Schroff has it. I bought it a
    couple of years ago but sent it right back as it was so general as to
    be useless. I had already taken the 5 day Milling class, so
    everything in the book was very basic to me.

    If you can get hold of the ProE 2001 'Collection of Help Topics' CD,
    there is a HUGE Pro/NC manual in it - and a ProCMM one too. Not
    really a tutorial, but every function is discussed.

    Pro/NC is really not like falling off of a log and I think the class
    is the best way to go. I think PTC is running some kind of heavily
    discounted training for people who are unemployed - might even be

    Pete, May 1, 2004
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