need ADI driver for v.2002 or a special plotter driver

Discussion in 'AutoCAD' started by F. George McDuffee, Oct 21, 2003.

  1. some time ago I wrote a quick basic program that would read an
    autocad (pre 4.1) ASCII plotter output file version A.C.04 which
    would generate simple cnc machining codes for several controllers
    EMCO F1
    Bridgeport BOSS
    Hurco and
    Allen-Bradley controller for a waterjet

    Autodesk stopped supporting the ADI ASCII plotter option with
    version 12, which I still have on my machine only to output files
    in this format.

    The output from the A.C.04 ADI driver looks like this
    where I basically dump the first 4 lines [or first 3 lines with
    the ACAD v.10 program output] and then next lines indicate an
    absolute move in steps of 1/1000 of an inch with either pen up
    (3) or pen down (4)

    The A.C.04 ADI driver allows you to set the absolute limits of
    the plotter [or cnc table travel] and also the steps per inch
    [resolution] so the program was a "piece of cake."

    When you run the gcode generator it asks you to input feed, speed
    and depth of cut. It also breaks the program at 290 lines for the
    EMCO F1 as there is 300 line memory limit on its controller.

    Does anyone know of, have an updated version of this driver which
    will work with Autocad v.2002 [which we are currently running]
    and/or v.2004 which we are likely to upgrade to?

    An alternative is a windows printer driver which I can set to an
    arbitary size and resolution with only pin up/down and straight
    line commands with no offset for pin width, etc. Better yet if I
    can get it to use the 3/4 PU/PD commands, one per line. This may
    be a better option in that we should be able to run this with
    most any program [such a coral]

    If anyone would like the quick basic source code and/or the
    complied files send me an email.

    I uploaded this years ago as ADI2CNC, ADI2EMCO, ADI2AB, ADI2HRCO
    to several free ware and machining sites.
    F. George McDuffee, Oct 21, 2003
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