Manipulate the element in the DXF from MicroStation, durin DXF are still DXF

Discussion in 'Microstation' started by Alexander Heide, Jan 23, 2004.

  1. Hello Group!!

    Is this possible to manipulate "*.dxf-referen-ces "and/or. the
    elements in "*.dxf referen-ces " - it concerns here translation and

    The "*.dxf-attachments shoot still stay *.Dxf appendices !!!

    In other words I want to manipulate the data in the DXF references
    from ms * without *, that I must import the DXF first in DGN.

    It is clear, that I can manipulate the DXF reference - rotate and
    translate - as FILE. But these changes become in *.To dgn file stored
    and are lost as soon as

    those DXF files become disattached.

    It' about being able to manipulate from MicroStation the elements of

    DXF. The possible changes of the positions and the orientation shoot
    be stored IN THE DXF.

    It would be super if someone giv its opinion for the realisibility of

    project, perhaps on the basis of own experience.

    Sorry, for bad english !!!

    Greeting Alexander Heide
    Alexander Heide, Jan 23, 2004
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