cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Discussion in 'Cadence' started by Erik Wanta, Sep 3, 2003.

  1. Erik Wanta

    Erik Wanta Guest

    I get the following:
    /tools/dfII/bin/32bit/libSelect.exe: error while loading shared
    libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or

    I therefore added /usr/local/lib to LD_LIBRARY_PATH as is
    there. I then get:

    Warning: XmeGetColorObjData(): not yet implemented!
    \o Incompatible Xm library detected!
    \o Label: 272 != 284
    \o xmUseVersion: 2001
    \o Motif version 2.1.-1717986918 must be installed.
    \o /tools/dfII/bin/32bit/libManager.exe is exiting with core file.
    \o Warning: XmeGetColorObjData(): not yet implemented!

    I think I am running openmotif 222. Any ideas?
    Erik Wanta, Sep 3, 2003
  2. Hi Erik,

    The chances are that another libXm is provided by cadence and it is
    this one that should be picked (because of whatever restrictions are in
    openmotif or lesstif compared to commercial motif).
    Since I don t like to rely on wraparounds scripts to modify my
    LD_LIBRARY_PATH , I have opted to configure my linux box to recognise
    the cadence libs. I first modify the /etc/ file, and then run
    I have cadence IC installed under /usr/local/cds, an here is the
    /etc/ I have:


    (The part with the intel libraries is useful if you want to run the beta
    release of IC5 that was supposed to run only spectre.)

    Below are the steps I took to install cadence tools under linux: this
    is a kind of journal I wrote for the first install. It was of course on
    a RH7.2 or 7.3 with gnome, and some things are not relevant for your
    window manager, and also for your distribution/version. The things
    related to philips PDKs you can also ignore. Actually I never installed
    motorola PDKs, so I wouldn t know the specifics.

    Intallation log for design framework II and other cds tools on linux
    authored: Frederic Oghdayan, march 2003, Catena microeletronics
    updates: June 2003, July 2003
    - silicon ensemble
    - cron jobs: rsync of tools and pdks ; locate and check *.cdslck
    contents to remove bad locks
    - size reduce : replace identical files by symlinks ; strip binaries
    (!) ; gzip2exe binaries
    - give some structure to this file...

    + download packages from into ~root/install_packages/cds
    + create basedirs /usr/local/cds /usr/local/cds/PDKs /usr/local/cds/SPW
    /usr/local/cds/ICC /usr/local/cds/LDV
    + cadence symlink /cds to /usr/local/cds
    + philips symlinks /usr/local/cds/PDKs to /cadappl/iclibs ; symlink
    /usr/local/cds to philips standard /cadappl/ictools ; etc ... look at
    /links/ for more.
    + install IC50 , IC50 patch, ICC110 ,ICC110 patch, LDV, SPW
    + rsync -az pdkrefhost:/cadappl/iclibs /cadappl/iclibs
    + rcp cdsrefhost:license.dat /usr/local/cds/
    + vi /usr/local/cds/share/license/clients
    + rcp refhost:/cadappl/licenses/cadence/etc/.cdsplotinit
    + rcp /cadappl/ictools/cadence_cat/5.maxnumber/tools/dfII/local/
    + cd /usr/local/cds/tools/dfII/ ; ln -s ../../tools_dfII_local local ;
    cd ../..
    * adapt and edit /usr/local/cds/tools_dfII_local/* (look at
    usr/local/cds/tools/dfII/cdssetup )
    -default.drf with a b&w display defined (taken from philips psb,
    defined in catenautils'display.drf)
    -check cdsinit and cdsenv ( and that .cdsinit and .cdsenv are
    symlinking to those)
    + change design management type to "none" in
    + rights and ownership. find . -xdev -exec chown -h support "{}" ; chmod
    go-w,u+w,a+rX "{}" \;

    + fix internationalisation bug : cd /cds/tools/dfII/bin ; file * |grep
    'script text'|cut -d: -f1|xargs grep -l 'inst_dir=`cds_root $0`' |xargs
    replace 'inst_dir=`cds_root $0`' 'inst_dir=`cds_root $0` ; [ ! -z
    "$LANG" ] && LANG=C' --

    + fix the "properties box disappears in schematics capture" problem. For
    sawfish window manager under gnome desktop:
    programs->settings->sawfishWMsettings , window context, remove the
    button1 raise-and-passthrough

    addons for LDV , ICC , SPW
    summarised. cf. df2 config for details.

    + tools symlink to tools.$ARCH
    + install/bin symlink to install/bin.$ARCH
    + license.dat symlink (and/or better: clients config)
    + /etc/profile.d/csh.* for PATH extension
    + for SPW only : use links to site_data/config/spw.* for the /etc/profile.d/
    + replace "if [ "${SHELL}" = "/bin/ksh" ]; then" by "if [ "${SHELL}"
    = "/bin/ksh" ] || [ "${SHELL}" = "/bin/bash" ]; then" in
    + remove the MANPATH settings in spw.[c]sh : man doesn t need this
    when the MANPATH_MAP mechanism active.
    + append to /etc/ for executable shared libraries' dependency
    + rights and ownership
    + merge all docs directories (to save space& ease indexing). see
    + run /usr/local/cds/share/verity/bin/cdsdocIndexer . This sets cdsdoc
    to display all topics (from df2, icc, and ldv)
    + transform the "verity" docserver into a unix service located at
    http://localhost:9000/search.htm. see /etc/init.d/cdswebdoc . rem: be
    careful of the settings in $HOME. TBD: log to syslog ; respawn crashing Xvfb
    + configure fonts in the fontserver: add
    /usr/local/cds/tools/dfII/etc/Xfonts to /etc/X11/fs/config
    + set default X11 resources: change the XFILESEARCHPATH by means of
    nail polish:
    + add the logo-to-layout conversion module to GIMP: wget ; tar
    xf <...> ; vi Make* ; make ; make install ; put the help&plugin files in
    the gimp shared dirs. make a palette.
    + change the cycle-window and switch workspace under sawfish WM to be
    more compatible with CDE/Motif: alt-1 though 4 for workspace switch, and
    with VNC session under windowz: ctrl-tab for window cycle.

    I hope this gives you a few ideas and somehow helps.
    eda support guy, Sep 3, 2003
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