ITKDB ececuting SKILL command: *Error* eval: undefined function

Discussion in 'Cadence' started by Marius.Cerlinca, Dec 19, 2007.

  1. Hi,

    I'm doing a ITK-DB application and today I was wondering what if I
    run some SKILL commands from C++ so I tried:

    list someList = ilTopLevelCmd("geGetSelSet()");

    The output from my executable is throwing to me:
    *Error* eval: undefined function - geGetSelSet

    From the begining, the program was throwing what you can see below and
    is working fine (all ITK functions).
    My question is: how to run a SKILL command from C++ and what this
    errors means?

    Error (gdmLoadSharedLib): Loading "/tools/Cadence/IC/
    5.10.41_USR2.19.52/tools.lnx86/lib/" has failed.
    Error (dlopen): cannot open shared object file: No
    such file or directory
    Error (gdmiLoadDMLibrary): Could not load library './'
    for DM system 'tdm'
    Error (gdmImportDMSystem): DM system 'tdm' as specified in file '' is
    not available due to errors.
    malloc: using debugging hooks
    malloc: using debugging hooks
    *Error* eval: undefined function - fboundp

    Marius.Cerlinca, Dec 19, 2007
  2. executing SKILL command... :)
    Marius.Cerlinca, Dec 19, 2007
  3. Marius.Cerlinca

    andrewb Guest

    You need to initialize SKILL:

    /* allow the init functions to locate a Cadence hierarchy by
    pretending this program is icfb */

    if(!dbInit(&argc,argv)) {
    fprintf(stderr,"dbInit failed.\n");

    ilInitClients(&argc, argv, NULL, 0);

    Once it knows where the Cadence hierarchy is, and SKILL (il) is
    initialized, it can load any necessary contexts.

    That said, you're not going to be able to run geGetSelSet(), because
    that's a graphics editor function, and not available in ITKDB apps.
    You only have "pcell-safe" functions available to you - i.e. those
    which have the db, dd, tech, cdf or pc prefix, or are core SKILL.
    Essentially, if you look at the functions that are legal within a
    pcell, that's what you can run.


    andrewb, Dec 24, 2007
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