itkDB.a linking issue

Discussion in 'Cadence' started by sg, Aug 31, 2010.

  1. sg

    sg Guest

    I am building a itkDB/sample/DB using g++ version 3.4.6, on x86_64-
    redhat-linux machine.

    during linking, I see some strange undefs.

    : undefined reference to `std:_default_alloc_template<true,
    0>::alloacate(...)` <cadence_5141_install_path: tools/itkDB/lib64/
    itkDB.a(bCompTypeRoot.o(.gnu.linkonce.t....: In function
    `std:_Rb_tree<unsigned long, unsigned
    long....>::_M_create_node(unsigned long const&)

    something is missing in Makefile? any clues? thanks,
    sg, Aug 31, 2010
  2. sg wrote, on 08/31/10 02:18:

    This is covered in;solutionNumber=11598146

    Essentially 3.4.6 is not supported with IC5141. It is because the build version
    of IC5141 is earlier - you should use 3.2.3. On our RHEL4 machines in Cadence,
    we have g++32 as the 3.2.3 version, so you may be able to use that:

    andrewb_26> rpm -q -f /usr/bin/g++32
    andrewb_27> rpm -q -f /usr/bin/g++


    Andrew Beckett, Sep 26, 2010
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