Is C-shell is mandatory for running Cadence tools?

Discussion in 'Cadence' started by spectrallypure, Sep 9, 2010.

  1. Hi all!

    Years ago, when I was introduced to Cadence, I was told that the C-
    shell was the "de facto" shell to be used for running its various
    tools. Now, after years of using this shell as my default shell in all
    machines in which I work, I am wondering if there is really the
    necessity to use this particular shell for running the Cadence tools
    at all, or if I could use any other one as well.

    My main motivation is that every now and then I find it necessary to
    create shell scripts for tasks that have nothing to do with Cadence,
    and I think that it would be more efficient to use a more recent shell
    for these programming tasks, like, for instance, the bash shell.
    Moreover, it seems that everywhere on the internet people advise
    against the use of the c-shell, and some even anticipate its
    deprecation in future linux releases!

    So, would it be perfectly possible to use, for instance, the bash
    shell for running Cadence tools? After all, from the Cadence point of
    view, isn't it all about defining the right environment variables?

    Thanks in advance for any comments/ideas!


    spectrallypure, Sep 9, 2010
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