Is Autosketch V8 good for Electronic Schematic Drawing?

Discussion in 'AutoSketch' started by skb, Jun 25, 2003.

  1. skb

    skb Guest

    New user.

    Trying to connect a transistor to a resistor and I can't get it done.

    Did I get the wrong program?

    skb, Jun 25, 2003
  2. skb

    Rod Hulbert Guest

    If you are connecting the resistor directly to the transistor without a
    Polyline "wire" then move the about point (right click on the yellow diamond
    and end snap to the end of the "pin". Pick up the part by the about point
    and use end snap to connect it to the pin on the other part.

    Normally you use a Single Polyline as a "wire" to connect the parts. Use
    end snap to connect where you want then type x or y to start the first line
    horizontally or vertically then type L keep the rest of the line at right
    angles. I recommend changing to full screen cursor to assist in routing the

    To edit a polyline, double click on it to get to "Edit Vertices mode" then
    click on the segment you want to move and click on the Move Segment icon in
    the Edit bar (you may need to switch to advanced user mode and turn the
    edit menu bar on).
    If a line segment becomes out of square then, while in Edit vertices mode,
    highlight the two vertices that are misaligned and use the Align dropdown
    list to align them (this tool only shows up in the edit bar when two or more
    nodes are selected on a polyline in edit vertices mode).

    If the parts are correctly made you can set the grid snap separation to a
    multiple of the "pin" spacing and save a lot of time.

    Is Autosketch good for Electronic Schematics? It depends. If you want to
    document a small assembly with up to 50 or so parts, it works fine. If you
    want to design a control board with hundreds of parts and dozens of 50 pin
    connectors, you will be sorry you didn't the several hundred to several
    thousand dollars and buy a dedicated schematic capture program.

    Rod Hulbert, Jun 25, 2003
  3. skb

    Hanno Kock Guest

    I think it's not the right program for this, try eagle or sth. like
    that (, you will be happier!

    Hanno Kock, Sep 26, 2003
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