Importance of Structural engineering drawings

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  1. Structural engineering drawings if prepared in coordination with
    Architect and Contractor save on costs. Accurate drawings help enhance
    engineering efficiencies, improve construction quality and shortens
    design cycle time.

    The structural drafter is responsible for producing working drawings
    that clearly describes the schedule and material involved for each
    phase of the construction. It covers details for design layout,
    presentation, fabrication shop, erection schedules and building code

    To generate accurate construction drawings the drafter must have
    thorough domain expertise, knowledge of local building codes and
    relevant industry experience. It is also important to adept to new
    technologies and inclination to understand client’s specific

    Construction Drawings plays crucial role in the success of any
    structural construction and bidding process. It provides platform for
    planning and estimating cost for each phase of the construction. It
    also provides necessary instructions for design sustainability,
    commissioning, quantity of materials and the delivery schedule.
    Construction drawings stored in digital format can be used for future
    reference and allows the building authorities to review design and
    offer recommendations for approval.

    To prepare the drawings one may require documents such as Site plans,
    elevations, cross-section details, Floor plans, Footing plans,
    Mechanical fixture plans, Structural load calculations, Piping and
    Plumbing layouts, Permission sketches, Electrical panel schedule,
    Electrical service diagram and many more as per the guidelines.

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    Richard Botham, Oct 16, 2010
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