help programming extra buttons on intellimouse

Discussion in 'Microstation' started by lane, Nov 12, 2003.

  1. lane

    lane Guest

    I know this is no doubt a stupid question but how do you program the
    two extra buttons on an intellimouse to say control and enter. I can't
    find this option in either workspace>button assignments or in the
    windows control panel. Do I need the original mouse driver set-up?


    lane, Nov 12, 2003
  2. Yes, you probably need the original Intellipoint Mouse driver and you can
    then define the buttons in Mouse Properties to be any one of a number of
    predefined options.

    Dennis Barker
    Innovision Technologies Pty Ltd
    Sydney Australia
    Dennis Barker, Nov 12, 2003
  3. Inga Morozoff [Bentley], Nov 13, 2003
  4. lane

    lane Guest

    Thanks Dennis I did indeed need the original software, problem is I
    don't get ctrl/shift/alt options, everything else under the sun but
    not these. The set-up in control panel is identical to the one in
    inga's tutorial too but I don't get the same options seen there. This
    has got me stumped.

    Thanks for your help

    lane, Nov 14, 2003
  5. lane

    Bill Dickens Guest

    The best way to configure it is to place ENTER on the large thumb
    button and Alt on the smatt thumb button.

    That way you can have the mouse work on other Office programs as well.

    Alt has been the default shift button on U-baby for a long time and
    instantly gives you access to many other functions.

    I think that Inga's article still references my article in MSM which
    should be usefull too.

    I always believe that there is 1 best way to do something.

    Zoom in, out, last should be on your mouse.

    With the advent of the wobble wheel you should be able to configure
    the mouse to do all kinds of movements. I do not know if Microstation
    has been configured to recognize the "wobble".

    The days of dreaming for the space mouse should be over.

    Keith informed me that he has reworked the mouse handler to make it
    much easier to config the mouse. I do not know if this is available
    as of yet.

    The mouse is a most powerful instrument. People used to be amazed at
    how quickly I could navigate. You should be able to instantly do that

    Now with accusnap the middle button becomes the Infosnap button...
    want to find out something and/or change it?? give it the middle


    Bill Dickens, Nov 16, 2003
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