Gain Crossover Frequency

Discussion in 'Cadence' started by Samiran, Sep 17, 2010.

  1. Samiran

    Samiran Guest

    Dear All,

    How can I obtain the value of Gain-crossover frequency from a SPECTRE
    simulation. I was earlier using gainBwProd() for this purpose. But
    that would become inaccurate if more than one pole appears before the
    crossover frequency [as it simply calculates the (DC gain x dominant
    pole) ].

    Any help will be appreciated.

    Samiran, Sep 17, 2010
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  2. Samiran wrote, on 09/17/10 08:06:
    Hi Samiran,

    You could use the cross() function to determine the point at which db20() of the
    gain crosses 0, say? Or the mag() crosses 1?


    Andrew Beckett, Sep 26, 2010
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