First blush review of Solid Edge video tutorials from private guy inOzz.

Discussion in 'SolidWorks' started by phil scott, Aug 1, 2009.

  1. phil scott

    phil scott Guest

    He is very clean and concise.. no extra jabber mixed in so far... he
    just shows you the mouse moves with cursor circled in red, states the
    name of the tabs, bars and buttons.. then does the moves. . then
    ends. clean. I like that, it makes remembering easy.

    there is hope.... but I can totallly 100% forget doing any piping jobs
    on SE my guess it will be a year or so before they get a complete
    library (no adapters in copper, brass or ss, no spools or isolation
    spools, no valves of any type, only a maleable iron union. (their
    free piping library is just what you'd call a few random samples. not
    usalbe for a job... the 500 dolllar library is as above, and their
    primo humungus library is missint the same parts..Id have to say its
    because a non piping doood did the selections from catalogs more or
    less blind).

    I willl have to move back to IV for pipe, or to TurboCAD for minor
    pipe.. I might buy one of the plant piping systems Im looking at....
    there is a very slim chance I will be up to loading the IV pipe
    library into SE. I will ask around about that however.

    Phil scott
    phil scott, Aug 1, 2009
  2. phil scott

    Cliff Guest

    Can't you add to the library(s)?
    (Then sell it to them <G>.)

    Remember jb?
    BTW, Might work better without the ST stuff?
    Cliff, Aug 1, 2009
  3. phil scott

    Cliff Guest

    Why not just learn that in the first place?
    As suggested earlier. AND you already had it.
    Cliff, Aug 1, 2009
  4. phil scott

    phil scott Guest

    I decided to try SE because I was hitting too many stone walls, bugs
    and arcane complexities with IV, for my taste,
    others might not find that a problem... but i was dropped on my head
    as a small child, then crawled under an end table with
    my diaper on when I was 18 months and stuck a hair pin into a wall
    socket..that was nasty.,

    then later in life there were all
    the bar brawls, gun fights, red headed women, and flat tracking
    accidents..Ive been hauled off screaming in pain
    to the hospital many times... and that just kept going on untill I
    was 67 and quit flat tracking.

    Now im tying to calm down and learn solids but my nerves are shot.

    SE, despite its issues with der piping...der steel library and der
    wire termination (isnt any).
    otherwise is about 80% simpler than Inventor (but not as capable at
    the high end in some
    aspects, engineering calculations for instance)..I found its tutorials
    looked good, but were
    bugged up a bit in spots etc..

    SE is however 1,000% cleaner and much appreciated when it comes
    putting things into draft mode, its line widths and styles in 2D is
    the best Ive seen anywhere, you
    can do some pretty hot looking 2D things,

    I have non cad people ask me 'why do your wiring diagrams
    look so hot'.. they mean it. (reason different line widths and styles
    for components, boundaries, sub boundaries,
    and different size wire etc... their wire routing in 3D should take
    that up a huge notch..

    in my business
    a killer drawing is everything..I sell a lot of what I do with eye
    poping graphics.

    The hole fuction in SE is
    much superior to Inventors to say the least, but may be a bit more
    limited in the technical details..for instance
    I can draw a solid hollow donut in SE synch. and blow holes around
    the perimeter in seconds with the
    hole function.. just drag and click. what i like in SE, I like a

    what they let you have of their extensively node locked Standard
    Parts library
    is very impressive,(in piping for instance, free is ONE weld elbow, in
    1", not sizable) it has 600 sections

    (but misses a few ultra key items like valves of any sort for
    very good looking compared to some aspects of Inventor (springs for

    the node locked library has
    650 categories.. it appears the plan is to sell it off for $500 or so
    per section.... one wishes them well in
    that regard... my view is that after a few more mechanical engineers
    notice this... things will change radically
    or some folks will be waking bow legged..

    but maybe not...the scene is wonderous in that aspect

    Im not
    waiting though. Most of my work will go back to Iv and other
    programs . and I will be recommending
    for most of my clients TurboCAD... worth a look for sure.. at 15%
    of what any of the majors cost, and
    it has more features in many but not of course all aspects...

    (my work is heavy on piping..and conduit, and Im a bit
    toasted with der management approach to say the very least . .(I did
    get a free personality
    analysis and suggestions that was hot). (you wouldnt of made it
    cliff .. you either JB ..
    but it was free, even though extensive and repeated... I just love

    RE JB and his not buying this crap to check it out or review it etc?
    thats smart..This is the last time I pay
    any of thsse people to try out any of their spun up crap... there are
    other ways... if not, i will pass.

    As many on this NG have
    posted, the dog and pony show, bait and switch and outright lies from
    vendors in this business is not its best

    I think there is a huge disconnect between the mentality it takes to
    actually design a functional factory for
    instance and the mentality of the var'ous code guys with no background
    at all in anything hands-on,,,
    setting up these cad programs..

    ive found damn few even know what a pipe fitting is..they say they do
    or claim to be mechanical engineers
    .... then show you one elbow, in one size..and for them.thats it..
    its cool.

    Regardless, I am learning a lot, Im already getting some minor skid
    assy's drawings up, in a month or so, much
    more complex ones..and in a year some killer work...that will help me
    a lot in the national market and preclude
    having to do as many on site dog and pony shows... and i have fathomed
    the ethics level of der cad sales types...
    I should not have been surprised..but I was.. totally shocked

    In the future I will do what some of you have recommended... hand em a
    solid and say' model it, use yer
    pipe and wire routhing, produce a parametric spread sheet of it, then
    edit the model'...then tell them if they can do it faster and
    better than I can on my current system, and Im not any good at it
    either, I will look at their offering.

    If all they
    can do is run a minor tutorial... well that says it all... I wont go
    to der dog and pony show, eat der free donut or
    any of that...

    Phil scott
    phil scott, Aug 1, 2009
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