Finding type of the content of a string : characters or number

Discussion in 'Cadence' started by Suresh Jeevanandam, Aug 4, 2004.

  1. In skill, I have a string. Am trying to find the content whether a
    string of characters or number.

    For example,

    lstr = list("abc" "1.3")
    foreach(str lstr
    case( contentType(str)
    println("Its a string of characters.")
    v = str
    println("Its a number")
    v = evalstring(str)

    I am looking for a cadence function or some kind of algo that the
    contentType() function does here.

    Thanks in advance.

    Suresh J.
    Suresh Jeevanandam, Aug 4, 2004
  2. Hi,

    I first tried to evaluate the the stings ant then do a kind of
    type checking with 'typep' or 'stringp' etc.
    But this wont work, I don't get the stings evaluated the way I want.

    Then I tried it with regular expressions.
    Hope this helps.

    lstr = list("abc" "1.3")
    foreach( str lstr
    ( rexMatchp( "[a-zA-Z]" str )
    printf("Its a string of characters: %s.\n" str )
    ( rexMatchp( "[0-9]" str )
    printf("Its not a real number, but recognized at: %s.\n" str )
    Bernd Fischer, Aug 4, 2004
  3. Suresh Jeevanandam

    S. Badel Guest

    You can use aelNumber which converts a string
    to a number. This function recognizes suffixes
    like m,u,f etc... as well as scientific notation
    with exponent.

    if( numberp( aelNumber( str ) ) then
    printf( "It's a number" )
    printf( "It's a string" )

    this function is not available in pcells, maybe
    there are other issues with it so use it carefully.

    S. Badel, Aug 4, 2004
  4. Thanks bernd, It worked.

    Suresh Jeevanandam, Aug 4, 2004
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