file/replace doesn't work properly

Discussion in 'Pro/Engineer & Creo Elements/Pro' started by dakeb, Aug 5, 2004.

  1. dakeb

    dakeb Guest

    I have a drawing of an assembly open in proe2001, so the assembly is in
    session. This assemby contains a part that I just renamed in commonspace.
    After renaming I synchronised my workspace. The workspace shows the part
    with the new name.

    I don't want to shut down proe so I used the file/replace command. Preo
    flashes up a message to say all objects in session are up to date. This is
    not true, as one of the parts in the model tree has been renamed!

    If I do a file/save, it reports conflicts detected.

    So why does file/replace not pick up the same conflict and reload the
    renamed part?

    The answer - it seems you have to do a regenerate in proe first! Then
    File/replace will pick up the rename.

    This is dangerous. How am I supposed to know I have to regen the part? I
    could have done loads more work and saved the part, then hit the conflict
    causing much wasted effort.
    dakeb, Aug 5, 2004
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