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Discussion in 'Pro/Engineer & Creo Elements/Pro' started by sarge, Jun 24, 2005.

  1. sarge

    sarge Guest

    Hello, everybody.
    I am searching for a free software or procedure that will enable me to
    transfer my 3d models from WF2 to another application which can only
    import .3ds or .dxf files.
    Now, the important thing is that the geometry will survive, no matter
    about textures or materials, they will be applied entirely in the other

    Thanks for help.
    sarge, Jun 24, 2005
  2. sarge

    David Janes Guest

    You can only import 2d (dxf and 3ds) so you have to export in a 2d format from
    Pro/e. The only place to do that is drawing mode. Create a drawing on size that
    will let your model geometry scale at 1:1, then place as many views (at a drawing
    scale of 1:1) as it takes to completely represent the geometry. I'm pretty sure
    you have to place the views in wireframe, or possibly 'no hidden'. Use named
    'Saved Views' that you've created for this purpose. Don't place any format on it
    and use no annotations (notes, dimensions, symbols). Then do 'File>Save a copy'
    and scroll through the list until you find dxf.
    David Janes, Jun 25, 2005
  3. sarge

    Jeff Howard Guest

    I don't claim to know anything about this but...

    I think you might want to figure out what "data type" you need to be
    trading in. DXF supports NURBS as well as facet type enitites. I will
    have to guess (cause I don't know) that 3DS supports only facet data. Your
    mentioning textures and materials indicates you are going to a rendering
    software (?). Given all this I think a facet representation of the part(s)
    is what you'll want.

    Pro/E will output facet reps using a few (again, I don't do this so am
    doing a lot of guessing) export types. Look at STL, IV (not to be confused
    with the copycat from Ad$k), OBJ, VRML, ..., .... (? if you get a dialog to
    set resolution values it's probably worth looking at).

    Then you'll have to find something to read your output and translate to 3DS
    or DXF. There are a few that might help; Rhino comes to mind as a
    possibility. I'm also wondering if the target system won't read something
    besides 3DS and DXF. If unsure, what is the target program? At any rate,
    facet reps are so commonly exchanged you should have no problem finding a
    freeware / shareware / eval copy to do the translation.

    Another avenue that might be explored; create a faceted shrinkwrap export
    as IGES or whatever. Don't know if there's any future in it or not.

    Jeff Howard, Jun 25, 2005
  4. Hello

    I think Pro/E can only export (or import) 2D form of DXF files. I presume
    You want get some 3D geometry to do rendering and /or animation in some
    other software (3D studio etc...). I think You'l need some workaround via
    third software to do that.

    For such purposes I'm relying on Rhinoceros, which supports a lot of
    different 3D formats. I use it to clean up IGES and STEP files or do the
    conversion in files, which are not supported by Pro/E. That means You'll
    have to export 3D geometry from Pro/E in some standard 3D format (IGES or
    STEP), than inport it into Rhinoceros and then do the export in 3D DXF or
    3DS file (Both are supported by Rhinoceros).

    Hope that helps...


    Joze BARBARIC, Jun 25, 2005
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