Encounter: command "reportGateCount" doesn't seem to work properly

Discussion in 'Cadence' started by Thomas Popp, Apr 9, 2010.

  1. Thomas Popp

    Thomas Popp Guest


    I have been using various releases of (SOC) encounter in the last years,
    namely 5.2, 7.1, and since recently 8.1. It seems to me that in all
    these releases, the command "reportGateCount" doesn't work properly (=
    as described in the documentation).

    However, when searching support.cadence.com or this newsgroup, I
    couldn't find any reports about others also experiencing this strange
    behavior. So I want to actively ask people about their experience with
    this command.

    The details of the strange behavior I see are:

    My aim is to report the area of the whole design AND the area of EACH
    submodule. Thus, I call the command:

    reportGateCount -level 9999 -limit 0 -outfile "area.log"

    However, the file area.log never contains the area separate figures for
    all submodules. It even changes between different designs and encounter
    releases what the command exactly reports. E.g. for a specific (small)
    design, encounter 7.1 reports:

    Gate area 54.6000 um^2
    [0] amba_multiplier Gates=331 Cells=164 Area=18072.6 um^2
    [1] interface Gates=111 Cells=52 Area=6078.8 um^2
    [1] multiplier Gates=214 Cells=110 Area=11702.6 um^2
    [1] PADS Gates=0 Cells=0 Area=0.0 um^2

    In this case, 2 submodules are missing at level [2] underneath instance
    "multiplier", namely instances called "datapath" and "control".
    Additionally, the area of the PADS module is reported as being 0. This
    is not true because this module contains several periphery cells. I
    think, their area should also be considered since I didn't give the
    parameter "-stdCellOnly".

    When I process exactly the same design (exactly the same control script)
    with encounter 8.1, the content of area.log is only:

    Gate area 54.6000 um^2
    [0] amba_multiplier Gates=314 Cells=134 Area=17144.4 um^2

    So what the heck is going on!? Am I really the only one seeing this
    weired behavior, which would mean I'm a really unlucky guy ;-) Or is
    this a known issue and no one really bothers to write about it or even
    to correct it? I would be really interested in gaining some more
    insights into this "mystery".

    Thanks for any help or hint.

    Thomas Popp, Apr 9, 2010
  2. Thomas Popp

    Thomas Popp Guest


    Is there not a single encounter user in this forum who can give me a
    hint whether he experiences the same behavior as I or not?


    Am 09.04.2010 10:46, schrieb Thomas Popp:
    Thomas Popp, Apr 15, 2010
  3. Thomas Popp wrote, on 04/15/10 07:11:
    There are occasionally people who respond to Encounter questions (not really my
    field). Better place to ask could be:


    Or (if you're at a European University - I guess so from your email address),
    you could ask Europractice for support - and they can ask Cadence in turn if
    they can't answer it themselves.


    Andrew Beckett, Apr 15, 2010
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