Diff btwn .Vba project vs .Dvb project

Discussion in 'AutoCAD' started by Mark Propst, Aug 14, 2004.

  1. Mark Propst

    Mark Propst Guest

    Just noticed this in the acad vba ide.
    menu | File | New Project | Open Project
    that prompts for a *.vba project file
    but in acad to load a project you have to go through vbaman to load a *.dvb
    in the vbaide if you try to File | Open Project a .dvb project it errors
    in vbaman if i try to open a .vba file it errors
    if I click on a .vba file it launches vb6 and tries to make the .vba file
    into a module which is then messed up (not decoded properly)

    so what's with the .vba project?
    how is it different from a .dvb project?

    Couldn't find any references in vb help or msdn or developer help or google
    this group
    Mark Propst, Aug 14, 2004
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