Discussion in 'AutoCAD' started by THE THINKER, Jan 9, 2004.



    Dear Fellow Cadists/Engineers,
    Happy New Year to you all. I wish you all a wonderful and rewarding
    2004 !

    I earnestly request your assistance in completing this online survey
    questionnaire at:

    Please help an Engineer in need.
    This questionnaire is meant to capture the views of individuals in the
    Engineering and Construction sectors regarding research into barriers
    to implementation of project management systems. This is an urgent call
    for help as the deadline for this project is practically here and I
    still have not enough responses.

    I am very appreciative that you oblige me with your patience and time
    to complete this questionnaire despite your likely busy schedules.

    Kindly help forward this e mail to others in the construction field
    regardless of their location.

    I am extremely grateful for your kindness and cooperation.
    Thank you very much.


    MSc Student (University of Greenwhich, UK)
    Please find more information regarding this course (Masters in
    Construction Information Technology) and the University of Greenwich here:
    THE THINKER, Jan 9, 2004
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