Compiling for AutoCAD 2004

Discussion in 'AutoCAD' started by O Ransen, May 14, 2004.

  1. O Ransen

    O Ransen Guest

    I have an old app which was written in ADS for R14 and which
    I have successfully compiled for 2000 and 2002. Now my question
    is :

    Do all I need to do for 2004 is recompile my ADS/ARX program?

    I need to know this before I sign up again as a registered
    Unique and easy to use graphics programs
    O Ransen, May 14, 2004
  2. O Ransen

    Reini Urban Guest

    I'm not a registered developer and I successfully recompiled my old
    ADS/rx programs for 2004. Just download the libs (ObjectARX SDK) for
    free and recompile.

    No problems at all, just the debugging version was not
    straightforward, so I gave up building a debug built.
    Reini Urban, May 22, 2004
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