choose all identical shapes in two layers in divaDRC.rul DRC check

Discussion in 'Cadence' started by Jie, Oct 6, 2011.

  1. Jie

    Jie Guest

    I am trying to get a derived layer in DIVA DRC.rul file by the
    following request:
    There are two layers "layer1" and "layer2". Shapes in "layer2", which
    may overlap each other, should treated as different shapes. I want to
    find the areas where two shapes in "layer1" and "layer2" are
    identical. And save all the identical shapes to a derived layer

    What I have done is as following:
    layer1 = geomOr("layer1")
    (Layer1InsideLayer2 = geomInside(layer1 "layer2"))
    (Layer2InsideLayer1 = geomInside("layer2" layer1))
    (Layer1Layer2Same = geomAnd(Layer1InsideLayer2 Layer2InsideLayer1))

    However, once two shapes (shape1, shape2) in "layer2" overlap each
    other, even though shape1 is identical to a shape (shape3) in
    "layer1", it is not included in the derived layer "Layer1Layer2Same".
    Or more specifically, it is not included in the derived layer
    "Layer2InsideLayer1", I guess because cadence merged shape1 and

    Any one can help me on this issue? Thanks!

    Jie, Oct 6, 2011
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