Changing layer states from layout to layout

Discussion in 'AutoCAD' started by Mojojojoe_adam, Aug 7, 2003.

  1. Is there a way to have the linetype assigned to a layer change when
    switching between layouts within a drawing? (similar to having a layer
    frozen in one viewport and thawed in another)

    For example, a ceiling layer is shown continuous on the first layout and
    that same layer is shown dashed on the next layout within the same drawing.
    We want to be able to go back and forth between layouts and have the
    linetype change automatically so that we do not need to go in and change it
    manually each time. Right now we can run a lisp routine but it would be
    great to have it done when switching between layouts.

    I know that I can use xrefs but in some cases, that is not a viable

    Mojojojoe_adam, Aug 7, 2003
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  2. Mojojojoe_adam

    Mike Weaver Guest

    You could have a vlisp reactor or a vba event handler change the layer
    linetype for you when you switch viewports, but whichever ltype is set when
    you plot will show in both viewports.

    Beyond that, the only way I know of to do this would be with multiple
    attachements of the same xref.

    Mike Weaver
    Mike Weaver, Aug 7, 2003
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  3. How could I make the vlisp reactor or vba event handler execute when
    switching layouts?

    Mojojojoe_adam, Aug 7, 2003
  4. Mojojojoe_adam

    Dan Allen Guest

    Dan Allen, Aug 8, 2003
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