Catia 4 question

Discussion in 'CATIA' started by Mike Smith, Feb 19, 2004.

  1. Mike Smith

    Mike Smith Guest

    Are there no newsgroups for Catia 4???

    Anyway, I have some old script that does not connect properly to the database,
    and I try to figure out why.
    Question: What should CATIA.CONNECT be set to? Currently it is set to $HOME
    is that correct?

    Mike Smith, Feb 19, 2004
  2. Mike Smith

    David Janes Guest

    David Janes, Feb 19, 2004
  3. If he doesn't, then I'll start a site... I just bought a .org an a .net
    domain and I think I'll make one of them into an engineering forum, but
    it'll take about 2 months, I think...

    (or I'll use both and redirect the other one to the one I choose for the

    Martin Jørgensen
    Martin Jørgensen, Feb 19, 2004
  4. Mike Smith

    Mike Smith Guest

    Thanks, hadnt find that eng-tips site....
    and I dont think that I am the right person to start a newsgroup (no
    idea how it is done since I am no technical guy)

    Mike Smith, Feb 24, 2004
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